Friday, December 2, 2016

If She Can't Handle Her Own Finances How Can We Trust Her With Ours?; Committeewoman Murray's Home In Foreclosure

If you haven't seen it, yesterday the Asbury Park Press reported that Middletown's former Mayor / current Committeewoman, Stephanie Murray's house is in the process of foreclosure.

According to the article, Murray "reached a deal with the lender to keep the property". Murray was also quoted as saying, “Like a lot of people, the economy and job loss has taken a toll on my family for a while, and — though I’m not going to comment on my personal financial situation — rest assured I’ve never been at risk of losing my home and have never been delinquent on my paying my property taxes, This is a private matter and I'm saddened and disappointed that it’s being made public.”.

I never like to see people in dire financial straits. It's sad and in the long run, we all pay for it one way or the other. Rest rest assured, I'm no financial genius but I live within my means. You would think that for someone who owned her own small publishing company(now out of business) and whose husband, I've heard, is a partner in the law firm that he works at, would be able to keep their finances in order. But, I suppose not.

Stephanie Murray is up for re-election next year. Will she run or won't she run? Time will tell.  If she can't handle her own finances, how on earth can we trust her with ours? Maybe she should step down so she can get her "house" in order.


Anonymous said...

Why is the scheduled sale for March 27, when Middletown has an accelerated tax sale in December? People that do not pay their November quarterly taxes show up on the December tax sale list. Look like "special" dispensation was granted here to give the Murray's time to come up with the funds to make up the arrears.

Michael Morris said...

To be fair it states in the APP article that the Murray's haven't missed a tax payment.

Makes you wonder what the bottom line actually is here. Why is the house really in foreclosure?

Anonymous said...

That quote came from a person who has a vested interest in keeping her job--be interesting to see if she's really up to date, or she's just being protected by town hall.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least according to our new 2017 tax assessments, both she and most of her fellow committee members had their tax assessments go DOWN, while I and most of my neighbors went up- and DRASTICALLY.

Please folks, when you get your 2017 tax assessment postcard, go onto New Jersey Tax and also compare yourself to your neighbors. Very odd how some folks went up, while others, who have virtually same homes in same neighborhood have much lower value. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these outrageous increases and inconsistencies beyond "what can we get away with."

Something is very rotten here.