Thursday, October 18, 2018

Who Is Watch07748? Apparently It's Tony Perry

 That's a question that many have asked, including the Asbury Park Press.  It seems however, after Monday night's meeting of the Middletown Township Committee the answer is evident, Watch07748 is none other than Middletown Committeeman Tony Perry.

The video from Monday night's meeting is queued to where resident Jim Grenafege asked Tony Perry directly whether or not the anonymous email sent out two weeks ago by a fictitious group calling themselves, " Residents Against Over Development" attacking Democratic candidate Sean Byrnes, came from his campaign and if he had any knowledge of it before being sent to residents.  Perry's non answers are very telling.

Tony Perry did his best two-step to avoid answering the question as it was asked, " Were you, in any shape or form associated with that email?", What followed was a political non-answer by Perry that by the omission of a direct answer, confirms that he and his campaign was responsible for it. The exchange between Grenafege and Perry lasted several minutes and became a little heated due to frustrations over  non-answers (you can watch the exchange yourself, it's queued up to 2:13:35 of the video).

Bottomline here is that Tony Perry and the Middletown GOP where caught redhanded attempting to smear a rival candidate and through their own stupidity, it came back to bite them in the ass. Now Tony Perry and his buddies are backpedaling under the scrutiny of local media and outraged residents and trying to cover-up their tracks.

As I said before, the attempt of this little dirty-tricks email was underhanded and unethical. It also is in violation of campaign election laws for not being properly identified as coming from and paid for by Tony Perry's campaign. 

You can watch the entire 3 hour video ....  HERE.  The Public Comments portion of the meeting starts about 22 minutes in. A vast majority of those there to ask questions of the Township Committee were they to ask about the proposed sports complex being considered for Stevenson Park.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Curious Case Of An Email And The October 1, 2018 Middletown Township Committee Meeting

I can't believe that I haven't posted about this earlier, but seeing how the Middletown Township Committee will be meeting tonight for the last time before the November 6th election, I thought that I better say my piece about this.

Over the weekend of September 29th, a mysterious email started to make the rounds to inboxes of Middletown residents. The email from a group calling themselves, "RESIDENTS AGAINST OVER DEVELOPMENT", warned about the over development of Middletown, specifically the Village 35 project that is being planned between Kings Highway and Kanes Lane, along Route 35. Upon closer inspection this email was nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on Middletown Democratic Candidate for Township Committee, Sean Byrnes.

No one seems to be sure exactly how many residents through out the township received this email (I personally did not receive it), but it's safe to say hundreds did. Through a little detective work and the process of elimination, it was determined that the common denominator between those that received this email was that all subscribed to the township's Alert system.

Not sure that this was the case, Sean Byrnes attended the Oct. 1st workshop meeting of the Township Committee and asked for assurances that the email which residents received 2 days earlier did not come from the township. More specifically, if anyone on the committee had knowledge of the email or if it came from anyone on the committee seeking election this year (the video below is queued to the start of Byrnes's question).

As you'd expect, everyone at the table denied any knowledge or involvement with the email. There was however, evidence to suggest otherwise.

The email from Resident Against Over Development was sent through the automated email service MailChimp. As part of the service, those that receive emails can opt-out from receiving emails by clicking on the link to unsubscribe. When the unsubscribe link was followed all the way through to completion, the link took the unsubscriber to the Twitter page of Committee person Tony Perry.

On October 5th, the Asbury Park Press jumped on the story and published, "Middletown official won't deny sending mysterious political email", in which Tony Perry wouldn't deny having any knowledge of the email previously. He also, unpromted, offered that the Township email lists are public record that anyone can access via an OPRA request.

After the Asbury Park Press's article was published, the local Middletown Patch published a follow-up report, "Middletown: OPRA Request Forced Us To Share Residents' Emails", where it's evident that after the Press's article came out, Township officials decided that the best course of action was to deny knowledge of the email and blame an anonymous OPRA request for the release of a list of township residents email addresses. When the Patch questioned Perry about any knowledge of who may have been behind the email and linked it back to his campaign Perry stated that, "he hires various political consultants to run his campaigns".

That's not a very convincing denial. To blame this on various "political consultants" running his campaign is weak and shows what kind of backbone Tony Perry has; one that's crooked and spineless. I suppose though I shouldn't expect anything different from someone who was appointed to his seat on the Township Committee by his father-in-law, Gerry Scharfenberger.

The attempt to deceive Middletown residents by sending out an anonymous, dirty trick email, thinly disguised as an anti-development appeal is underhanded and unethical. Middletown Republicans must be truly afraid of losing control of the township committee this year, to have been so desperate to send this kind of email to hundreds or thousands of residents, hoping that it would swing a few votes in their favor.

It also shows the lack of character of Tony Perry and those currently running Middletown. If Tony Perry continues to refuse to take ownership of this and would rather continue to cover it up after tonight's Committee meeting, where I'm sure he'll be asked about it, then he doesn't deserve to be elected and hold office in Middletown or anywhere else for that matter.

Friday, October 12, 2018

How Gov. Phil Murphy Protected New Jersey Healthcare From Trump

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy outsmarted Trump and protected his state from the president’s attempt to sabotage Obamacare.

(From Now this News

Upcoming Candidate Forums / Debates

(Info provided by

Meet The Candidates Night, Tuesday Oct. 23rd, 7PM

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Lincroft Village Green Association will host a Question and Answer forum for the candidates running for the Middletown Township Committee. All Township residents are welcome to attend. The evening will be moderated by the League of Women Voters

Lincroft Elementary School All Purpose Room
 729 Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, NJ 07738. 
7:00-9:00 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM) 

Please click here to submit questions to the candidates. Questions can be submitted in advance and will be accepted until Friday, October 19, 2018.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Board of Education Voting Meeting - 9/26/18: Tony Perry Tries and Fails To Make A Deal And Shows How Little He Understands

I just finished watching the video from this past Wednesday night’s Middletown Board of Education (BOE) Meeting. What started out as a nice night of recognition for teachers and administrators involved in the school district being awarded 'Future Ready Silver Certification' (a distinction, given to only 35 schools in NJ, 17 of which Middletown is one), ended in what can only be characterize as a desperate attempt to gain some recognition as a candidate for Township Committee by the school community, from Middletown Committeeman Tony Perry, who is up for election this November.

It seems Middletown’s Board of Education isn’t the only entity in our community not immune to political stunts this election season.

When the meeting was opened for Public Comments, the unelected Committeeman and Candidate, Tony Perry (who, by the way was appointed by his Father In Law, Gerry Scharfenburger to the Township Committee), took to the microphone 'On Behalf of the Township Committee' to address the BOE regarding a possible agreement to take over the maintenance of 'Bayshore Elementary'.

A couple of quick notes before moving on; First, wasn't there just a conference held by Mayor Kevin Settembrino, where he proclaimed that he alone spoke for the TC, which would mean that either Settembrino sanctioned Mr. Perry's visit to speak on behalf of the committee and make an offer or Tony Perry was going rogue,  trying to make deals on his own, even though he is not a member of the joint Shared Services Committee. Later in his comments, he seems to back away from this statement and declared he 'doesn't speak on behalf of anyone, but himself'. Secondly, there is no 'Bayshore Elementary ', he would know that if he lived in Middletown for more than 5 minutes before becoming a Township Committeeman and not attempting an obvious political stunt, so I will assume he is referring to Bayview Elementary School.

Moving on ... Perry made reference to the potential Stevenson's Park Sports Complex, which in his words, 'is a political football' and 'not an honest discussion of how many fields would be placed there.' He goes on to accuse others (presumably, his opponents, one of which is Board Member Danielle Walsh) of 'intentionally misleading the residents of Shady Oaks and Shadow Lake'. Honestly, I'm not sure what these statements were meant to accomplish at a BOE meeting other than an attempt to garner votes by driving a wedge between the BOE and the parents of a few sports kids.

You can call me crazy if you want, but according to the plans for the sports complex that I and others have seen, they clearly show a plan to create a total of 9 multi-purpose sports fields beginning with a Phase 1 start of 2 fields.... Again, call me crazy, but how does informing residents living adjacent to Stevenson Park of plans for a potential Sports Complex by others 'intentionally misleading' or relevant in any way to the BOE?

He then offered to propose on 'behalf of the Township Committee' to take over control and maintenance responsibilities for Bayview Elementary Fields. In return, the Township Committee would decide which entities are entitled to use of the fields, with the school events getting priority. Not a bad deal for the BOE, right? Except, Board President Joan Minnuies pointed out, the Township Committee already decides who gets priority over these fields. He went on to refer to Bayview as an 'unknown and treasured part of Middletown.' Unknown? Really? I’m sure thousands of Belford residents would be shocked to know their elementary school was unknown to a candidate for the Township Committee.

Committeeman Perry also asserted that in the arrangement, the 2 baseball fields presently there (albeit without pitchers mounds because they are multi-purpose fields) , would be torn down to make room for the maintenance of soccer, flag football and lacrosse fields. When BOE member Michael Donlon questioned this, Perry inferred that it would be fine because there were no issues with lack of field time for baseball in Middletown.

BOE member, Danielle Walsh questioned his political motivations for addressing the BOE, since he 'had never been to a Board of Education Meeting before tonight' and 'suggested what would amount to an agenda item for Shared Services'. And further took issue with Mr. Perry's accusation that the BOE 'ignored' their fields. It was at this point that Mr. Perry changed his tune and insisted he was there speaking 'on behalf of himself', then went on to say 'I don't have the ability to have my voice heard to the School Board on my opinions about Shared Services decisions that occur. Unfortunately, that is why I have to come to these meetings.'.

BOE member Nick DiFranco also took issue with some of Mr. Perry's assertions regarding Shared Services and the extent to which the BOE was involved in addressing issues with field usage.

The bottom line here is that Mr. Perry, accompanied by another unelected Committeeman, Rick Hibell (who did not speak) seemed out of his depth of knowledge when it came to not only how the BOE works, but how to effectively communicate within the boundaries of his own Township Committee. But this is what you get when you have a Township Committee where there is no accountability to the point of blatant nepotism. Watch the exchange in the video for yourself and decide (I’ve queued it to the start of Perry’s comments).

Other than what I’ve mentioned above, the Voting Meeting was relatively uneventful (with the exception of Board Member Leonora Caminitti referring to another BOE member as a 'sissy'), but you should still take the time to watch the entire meeting, which you can access …. HERE

And while you’re at it do me a favor, consider asking the BOE to work on their video sound quality. I appreciate the transparency of the taped meetings, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fiore Is At it Again; Belittling Residents Via Facebook

I recently heard a rumor that Middletown's currently act deputy-mayor, Tony Fiore had been muzzled by both the Middletown Republicans and his employer.

It was just last week, that acting mayor Kevin Settembrino let it be known that no one but himself  speak on behalf of the Township Committee other than himself. But yet, here's Tony speaking out about Township business once again and in the process belittling a resident in the process.

As for Fiore's employer, it has been rumored rather loudly, that they gave him an ultimatum, your job or your politics. Apparently they don't appreciate the way he conducts himself on social media or on the dais. His brash, argumentative and condescending comments to residents is seen as a poor reflection on his employer and they have had enough of it.

From what I've heard, his employer has taken the position that if he wishes to keep his job after his current appointment as deputy-mayor is over, in the future, he will no longer be allowed to serve as acting mayor or deputy-mayor. Further more, they wouldn't take kindly to him running for office again. So his days on the dais appears to be limited.

Evidently, it seems that Tony Fiore doesn't care because here are some screen shots taken just a little while ago of Fiore speaking on behalf of the Township Committee and derogatorily belittling a resident that he disagrees with. Fiore made these comments on a Facebook page for Middletown residents. I'm sure if the moderator of the page didn't turn off the ability to comment on the original post, the below exchange would have very quickly descended deeper into the mud.   

Interesting Question, Is Middletown Being PILOT'ed ?

Over on the Facebook group, Stop Village 35, the Admin there added an interesting post yesterday asking if the town is engaging in the PILOTing of Middletown.  Until reading this post I had know idea what this alleged PILOT program entailed. 

PILOT is an anachronism for Payment In Lieu Of Taxes and is essentially a huge give away to developers in return for cash payments directly benefiting Town Hall. According to the Stop Village 35 post  95% of these payments would go to the municipality, 5% to the county and 0% would be given to the Board of Education. Which means that both Monmouth County and Middletown's Board of Education(BOE) are cut out of potential vast amounts of tax dollars that should be rightfully owed to them. For the BOE this would mean that Middletown's children and the quality of their education is at risk because of under funding and could then lead to higher school taxes being imposed to make up the difference.   

The post goes into further detail about what the PILOT program is and its potential ramifications for Middletown, if in fact this is what's happening behind the scene. It also hints at my Thursday post concerning the inflated cost of the new municipal complex that is in development.

The Stop Village 35 Facebook page is closed to the general public, you need to be a member of the group to see any of it's posts so I've copied it and have added it below for people who can't access the page to read. It really is a fascinating read and should be alarming to residents.


IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR TOWN. Fund the Fight, Save Middletown:
WHAT OUR TOWN OFFICIALS AREN’T SAYING: Redevelopment designation and PILOT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) go hand-in-hand. They don’t want to talk about their possible deal with the Circus Liquors Redevelopment Developers; nor do they legally have to disclose a PILOT deal at this point.

Here’s a juicy nugget that might explain why our Township Committee gave it all away to the developer — the possibility of a PILOT program. The biggest effect of a PILOT program is how payments are disbursed: 95% to the municipality, 5% to the county, 0% to the schools. OK, this means the Board of Education loses out, the quality of our kids’ education is compromised, and our property values are screwed. Quality of education is a huge factor in property values.

Funding for the Municipal Complex, Town Hall, is rumored at $54 million to build. This is relevant to the following explanations of Areas in Need of Redevelopment, applicable PILOT programs, and revenue that is reaped by the municipality. This is complicated, but it’s important!

By designating a site an Area in Need of Redevelopment, the municipality may enter into a PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) agreement with the developer. Archer Law offers a clear explanation of NJ PILOT programs:

“Instead of property taxes, developers make an annual PILOT payment to the municipality. The PILOT payment is typically much less than traditional taxes, and is structured so that the municipality receives more of a benefit than it would from usual property taxes. Not only do these exemptions save a developer in real estate taxes, but they provide an increase in the fair market value of the property as a result of higher net operating income.

Long-term tax abatements may last up to 30 years from the completion of a project, are typically utilized for larger redevelopment projects, and require a municipality to declare an area as being in need of redevelopment....The PILOT structure...greatly reduces the developer’s tax burden, and results in significant savings over the term of the PILOT agreement.”

Effects of PILOT programs:

PILOT programs may last as long as 30 years from completion of project, or 35 years from date agreement is signed; minimum term is 10 years.

PILOT program payments are disbursed 95% to the municipality, 5% to the county, 0% to the schools. School taxes are the greatest single portion of tax bills in Middletown. In some cases, the property may already have been paying school tax, but under PILOT, that obligation would be removed.

PILOT amounts often exceed the revenue municipalities would have received from taxes, while, at the same time, denying funding to school districts.

PILOT programs artificially depress rateable property tax base.

IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR TOWN. Fund the Fight, Save Middletown:

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Disney's Paul Bunyan

This weeks Saturday Cartoon is a real classic that every one should see at least once in their lifetime. I would suspect that a vast majority of kids under 12 have never seen this Disney cartoon about Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe. Both are iconic characters of american folklore.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Pallone to Hold U.S. Service Academy Day at Naval Weapons Station Earle on September 29th

September 24, 2018

LONG BRANCH, NJ – On Saturday, September 29th , at 10:00 a.m., Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. (NJ-06) will be hosting a U.S. Service Academy Day at Naval Weapons Station Earle, Leonardo Pier Complex. The event will provide a forum for students who are interested in attending one of our nation’s prestigious U.S. Service Academies to learn more about the process for admission.

The event will focus on the admissions process, steps to obtaining a congressional nomination, and lifestyles as Cadets or Midshipmen at the academies. Interested students will have the opportunity to personally meet and speak with representatives from the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and ROTC programs from Rutgers University.

“Our nation’s service academies are some of the highest caliber institutions committed to graduating leaders of character, honor and integrity,” said Congressman Pallone. “Graduates are selflessly prepared to assume some of the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government. By hosting this U.S. Service Academy Day, it is my hope that we will inspire young people of the 6th Congressional District to come and explore the many opportunities that our academies have to offer.”

Doors will open at 10:00 a.m., and presentations from the Academies will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. Reservations are required for admission, therefore, interested students and parents should RSVP to Dawn Rebscher at (732) 571-1140.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Heard It In The Hallways: New Middletown Municipal Complex To Cost $54M

Overlooked by myself and others at the September 17th meeting of the Middletown Township Committee, was an item with mentioning. On the Meeting Agenda for the night,  a public hearing was scheduled to take place on the proposed Township Ordinance  "2018-3236 Ordinance Adopting Amended Municipal Complex Redevelopment Plan for Block 815 Lots 1.01, 6 and 7 on the Official Tax Map of the Township of Middletown".

Laid out within the electronic copy of the agenda for the night, was the entire proposal for the planned municipal complex (which you can see by falling the link above). However, that public hearing never took place. It was postponed for a later date, which I've since learned to be the night of Nov. 19th, which is the first meeting of the Township Committee after the Nov. 6th election and 3 days before Thanksgiving. Historically, that meeting is sparsely attended and happens to be a good night to drop a bombshell that few will hear.

So why was this proposed public hearing abruptly rescheduled at the last minute you ask? Well, according to a very, very, reliable person who would have knowledge of the details, after telling residents for months that the cost of a new municipal complex, which Township authorities had estimated  to cost $20M, has ballooned upwards and potentially over $54M!

That's right, $54M. That's nearly triple the original cost estimate for the complex and Township authorities couldn't stomach presenting that information at the meeting knowing that there were going to be so many people there asking questions about the potential of a huge sports complex being built at Stevenson Park.

$54 million dollars is big chunk of change, what could possibly cost that much money to build? And why, if you read the redevelopment plan, is the Township constructing two buildings to used as some sort of retail establishments? Isn't there going to be enough empty store fronts once the proposed Village 35 retail complex is built?

One other thing that should be kept in mind and it is said quite often about financial dealing like this is, "Follow the money" and "Who will benefit" the most from this.  Well, I can tell you who. It's the Bonding agency and it's attorneys! Few people know this but the bonding attorney for the Township is none other the Middletown Republican Municipal Chairman, Peter Carton. His law firm has handle all the bonding projects that Middletown has needed financing for, for two decades. Peter Carton and his firm have gotten fat feeding from the trough of Middletown taxpayers.

As usual, the Township Committee doesn't want you to know about this stuff and are happy to bury this information until after the election, so as not to upset potential voters.


Friday, September 21, 2018

There Will Be No 'Fake' News In Middletown, Working Reporters Are A Pet Peeve of Settembrino

  Kevin Settembrino Photo by Muriel Smith • The Monmouth Journal
When I first read this article after it was brought to my attention Wednesday night, "Middletown’s new mayor holds meet and greet with local media", published at The Monmouth Journal (which you can read HERE), I was astounded by the arrogance of it, but I can't say that I was surprised by it because very little that comes from those currently running Middletown surprises me anymore.

According to the article, Middletown's appointed mayor, Kevin Settembrino (who made it very clear that he was the man in charge) called for a, "friendly session with local media personnel as a means of getting to know reporters better, as well as a way to introduce the township’s Public Information Officers, Tara Berson and Jessi Ticino, to the media. Township administrator Tony Mercantante was also present along with editors and journalists from local media outlets."  Settembrino went on to state that, " he wanted a good working relationship with the media, he also said requests from reporters working on a tight deadline for quotes or information is a pet peeve of his. What’s more, he doesn’t like surprises and discourages reporters from seeking information from other members of the Township Committee." ... " “I don’t want to be reading information you got from a member of the Township Committee,” he said. “I’m not happy about that.” "

Can you believe that statement? The audacity and arrogance that it takes to make such a statement is astonishing. Middletown's appointed mayor doesn't like reporters who ask questions or are working on deadlines, it's a "pet peeve" of his? You've got to be kidding me, it's like he's Middletown's own little version of Donald Trump! There will be no 'fake' news in Middletown, all questions must be submitted in writing and given directly to the public information officers first! Oh, and by the way don't speak to anyone but me!

Oh my God, that's a new level of chutzpah even for me!

Back in the day of lazy reporting of Township Committee meetings, former Public Information Officer Cindy Herrschaft, use to hand press releases with statements from the Committee, to reporters with highlighted talking points addressing things that were going to be spoken about during meetings.   For those that attended meetings back in the day, if you picked up a newspaper several days after a the fact, it was as if the meeting you were present at didn't happen. It was a crazy alternate universe that we seemed to live in.

Does Settembrino's statements above also mean that because he wants to be the ultimate control freak, that he is officially putting a muzzle on Tony Fiore? We all know that Tony Fiore has quite the presence on social media and likes to bait, chastise and insult people that have an issue with what is happening in and around Middletown. Fiore speaks on behalf of the township all the time when he is not authorized to do so and as a result creates some of his own 'fake' news with gross mischaracterizations and exaggerations on events both past and present. He  seems to think that people are misinformed and ignorant of facts, so they will unquestionably believe what he says.

This town is long over do for change on it's governing body. Middletown doesn't need arrogant 'A'holes like this, who think that the public is ignorant and doesn't know what's best for themselves or the town. November can't come soon enough!

September 17, 2018 Middletown Township Committee Meeting

I just finished watching the video of this past Monday night's Middletown Township Committee meeting. It started off as your regular, run of the mill monthly event. The Township promoted two police officers due to recent retirements and an ordinance was adopted to acquire property along Rt. 36 in Pt. Monmouth to be used as a vehicle impound facility. And an ordinance to amend the redevelopment plan for the new municipal complex was moved to the November 19 meeting.

The most interesting part of this meeting and the real highlight of it that should interest everyone, was the Public Comments portion of the video, which starts at the 22:14 minute mark of the video.

Many local residents came out to passionately voice their opposition to the proposed sports complex that is being planned for Stevenson Park, off of West Front Street in Lincroft.

After the first person voiced their opposition to the plan, acting mayor Kevin Settembrino started that members of the Township Committee will be meeting with residents of Shady Oaks in the coming days to answer any questions that residents living there would have. He then stated that if those he called upon to speak to the committee refrain from asking or rehashing questions about the sports complex. As you can expect, that comment didn't go over well and residents continued with their line of questioning.

During much of the questioning, those speaking were interrupted incessantly and often combatively, by both acting deputy-mayor Tony Fire and acting-mayor Kevin Settembrino.  In the end however, more than a dozen people, which included Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, voiced their opposition to this complex being built at Stevenson Park.

Will their voices be heard? Based on responses by members of the Township Committee, probably not.  We'll have to stay tuned.

As always you can download a copy of the Meeting Agenda that contains the discussion items and the proposed resolutions and ordinances that were voted on or presented during the meeting. A box around an item is a link, bringing you further into the document to that resolution or ordinance. At the end of the resolution there will be a link bringing you back to the agenda. Attached to this agenda is also the monthly bill list, so that everyone can see how the Township is spending our tax dollars.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Letter: Support Josh Welle for U.S. Congress

Dear Editor:

Voters in New Jersey's 4th Congressional District who value equality and human rights should tell Trump-supporting Republican incumbent Congressman Chris Smith, "You're Fired", by casting their U.S. House of Representatives vote for Democratic candidate Joshua Welle, a respected U.S. Navy Veteran.

Joshua Welle won the Democratic Party primary to challenge draconian bigot Republican Congressman Chris Smith, who doesn't believe that LGBT couples should be allowed to adopt children, and instead Smith prefers to warehouse children in orphanages. If the voters don't stand up and throw Smith out of office, the district is effectively endorsing his hate. Smith is also unsurprisingly opposed to women's reproductive rights, so he clearly needs to go. Joshua Welle supports the rights of women and LGBT people, so voting for him should be an easy sell for anyone with an ounce of human decency.

Prior to retiring, I was an active leader in efforts to support LGBT students, staff, and faculty at Brookdale Community College. Yet Congressman Smith, whose district includes our campus community, shamefully opposes the environment of equality we sought to achieve.

The bottom line is, if you're a bigot who hates the gay community, incumbent Republican Chris Smith is your guy. If you believe all our diverse citizens must be treated with respect and dignity, Democrat Josh Welle is who will represent you in Congress.

Now that the lid has been blown off on Chris Smith's anti-LGBT extremist views, voters need to take action by electing Democratic candidate for U.S. House Josh Welle.

Carol "Kitty" Hafner (D)
Former Congressional Candidate
Box Elder, South Dakota

The expressed opinions or views of this letter does not necessarily represent the opinion of the MiddletownMike blog.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Time for Timer PSA: "Hanker for a Hunk o' Cheese"

It's been a long time since I posted a Saturday morning cartoon, I've kinda missed it.

Back in the 1970's, at the height of Saturday morning cartoondum, ABC television network would show these "Time for Timer" PSA cartoons, they were corny but I remember them fondly.

"Timer, a tiny cartoon character who represents the sense of "time" in the human body. Timer is in charge of when a person felt it was time to eat, time to sleep, etc. He carries a large pocket watch inside of him, which would often set off an alarm whenever something was about to happen... A wise-cracker as well as a song-and-dance man, Timer promotes healthy eating and personal hygiene for children, using clever songs and animation." - Wikipedia