Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gallagher's Column"MoreMonmouthMusings" dropped by Courier

I just heard the good news. 

As of today, Art Gallagher's column "MoreMonmouthMusings" has been dropped from the Courier weekly paper. 

It seems as though the fallout over his racially charged posts and his clumsy attempts to start a discussing about race has started. And from what I have just recently heard Art is not very happy about it.

I have been told that because of this, Art will be using his MoreMonmouthMusing forum to go after any and all Democrats and the NAACP, who he feels is responsible for the Courier dropping his column.

At this point, my only comment to him is go ahead and try. If you want this years election turned into a referendum on race you and all of your Republican candidates will loose.

Further more it will force the people that Art Gallagher supports to address the issue and either come to his defense or speak out against him.   Either way it is not a position in which the county GOP would like to be placed in.  

Stay tuned for further developments


ambrosiajr said...

I have been posting on Art's blog for a long time, and I have to admit that at times, he can be a pain, but he always seems to be fair. He has slammed his own people from time to time, and not just dems. He's right, we have had our differences in the past, and he's called me numerous names, but he does take my postings in stride because at times, I can be just as testy as he can.
I don't think its necessarily a good thing that his column has been dropped. All the "N" word blogging aside, its just plain healthy to have differing veiwpoints. That is why I normally post on republican blogs as opposed to blogs that I agree with 90% of the time. It helps foster a bipartisan view of the county and country we live in. I wouldn't gloat over his column being dropped and I certainly don't think that he will resort to just bashing dems. But then again, he is a republican committeeman and that's his job, so to speak. Anyway, its not a happy time when anyone gets censored for what they write about. It has happened to me in the past, and its never any good.

Art Gallagher said...

You need to get better sources Mike, or at least listen to them better. I am not going after anyone, but I will severely criticize any numbskulls, like you, who attempt to make my opinions issue a partisan issue.

While my party affiliation is Republican, I am not a spokesperson for the party or any candidate. Nor I am a candidate. For anyone to try to smear any other Republicans for my opinions is disingenuous gutter politics.

For your information, it has come to my attention that a certain political leader is planning to politicize the discussion being had on my blog about race and to smear me and the Republican party as racist.

I have personally heard that person use the N-word in a racist manner on more than one occasion.

I have used the N-word in a controversial fashion, but not in a racist fashion.

If that person takes that unfortunate course, I will respond accordingly.

That is probably what your source told you before you twisted it.

An by the way. Please don't misrepresent my communications with you. A comment left on your blog is not an email to you, even if you are notified of it by email.