Saturday, July 15, 2017

ICYM: Middletown's Massell named to Monmouth tax board, will step down from township

It was reported this past week that Middletown Township Committeeman, Steve Massell, will need to step down from the committee to take a place on the Monmouth County Tax Board. Massell will be replacing Republican (and fellow Middletown resident) Kathy Cody Bjelka.

For Massell, who's a realtor by trade, stepping down from the Township Committee is no big deal, he had very little to contribute anyway. He never had an original thought to share with public and often just parroted what others on the dais would say while looking awkward doing it.  His role on the committee was basically that of a yes man.  During his 8+ years on the Committee, Massell served as Deputy-Mayor once but was never appointed Mayor by his fellow Committee members.

Why do you think that was?

I found the quote below from the article announcing his appointment to the tax board interesting because it basically states that he did have any accomplishments of his own that he could point to. His leading was mostly from behind.

..."Massell said it was an honor to serve Middletown, the town where he grew up. He said he was proud of the large efforts the board undertook — working to keep property taxes down and leading the community through superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and several blizzards — and also relished the lighter duties, like marching in parades for the township's Little League teams.
"It was very humbling. It was a tough decision to make," he said of leaving the township post. "It was an overall great experience. I loved every minute of it."

Mansell's presence won't be missed on the Township Committee, he was just a bump on the dais anyway. Now however, the speculations can begin on who will be appointed to replace him until next years election. My bet would be someone from the Planning Board. We'll see soon enough.


Anonymous said...

If you look him up, the taxes on his house decreased between 2016 and 2017 while most Middletowners got socked with increases. Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

The Tax Board is a joke....a collection of politicians whose qualifications should be called into question. Would lay odds not one of them is a certified tax assessor or appraiser and after some serious questions about the integrity of several of those serving, it's time for certified professionals to handle tax assessment in this state. Not politicians and their ilk !!

We could then have some confidence in equitable property tax assessments. Real estate people are SALES PERSONS not certified tax appraisers.

Many politicians are about as trustworthy as snakes.