Thursday, February 4, 2016


February 3, 2016

On the Ropes, He Says He’d "Beat [Secretary Clinton’s] Rear End"

(Trenton) — Leading New Jersey Democrats are expressing disgust at the sexist remarks of New Jersey’s absentee Governor, Chris Christie, who said of Secretary Clinton "I'll beat her rear end.” The remark was captured on video by ABC News.

“This is childish and inappropriate, even for Governor Christie. His poor performance in Iowa and the chaos of the Republican field, do not give him license to ignore basic rules of decorum or to throw all civility out the window,” said John Currie, the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

Christie’s latest remarks echo a comment he made about another strong, progressive female official, who would not let him have his way. Speaking of Loretta Weinberg, the Majority Leader of the New Jersey State Senate, the Governor encouraged the media to " take a bat to her.”

“I am sure Chris Christie will argue that this is just who he is, but I hardly think that his violent tendencies are a selling point. This kind of demeaning language is unacceptable, and it begs the question: Would he speak of Senator Sanders or Martin O’Malley in these immature, and sexist terms?” asked Vice Chair of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee Lizette Delgado-Polanco.

Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle also responded, saying, “This is typical. When times get tough, Gov. Christie resorts to name calling, bullying, and one of his all time favorites behaviors -- misogyny. After finishing next to last in Iowa, the only rear end he should worry about is his own!”

Governor Christie’s remarks also lack foundation. While his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is on the ropes after his pathetic, 10th place finish in Iowa’s Republican caucus, Secretary Clinton finished in first place, after energizing and mobilizing tens of thousands of the state's Democrats in support of her candidacy.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, roughly two-thirds of the people who know him best believe he would make a bad president. A solid majority want him to resign from office, and save our state any more embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Someone should stop Loretta Weinberg from attempting to steal our 2nd amendment rights. Hey Loretta as freemen we have the right to defend our selves. Do you think she will try to pass smart bat laws now?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09,
Someone should teach you and that ignoramus governor some common decency and respect for others. Maybe some one with a gun should use it on both of you numb skull idiots! Would be a better world without all these guns in the hands of big mouth jerks with no brains like you !!

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:09 You liberals should be thankful(although since you are mostly atheist, I am not sure to whom) that we gun owning conservatives are not violent or there would be no liberals left. Our believe in God as well as right and wrong prohibit murder. Do you do realize that you just called for someone to shot our Gov?

Anonymous said...

Our governor needs a swift "kick in the rear end" and he needs to "sit down and shut up"

Anon 8:15 a.m.....Don't assume anything about anyone's religion because you can't even spell (belief not believe) let alone judge others.. you sound like just another boisterous,babbling buffoon...... running off at the mouth.