Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 21, 2015 Middletown Township Committee Meeting

As the old adage says, " the show must go on" and that's exactly what happened at the September 21st meeting of the Middletown Township Committee.

The meeting was sparsely attended (as usual)  and was missing both Committeeman Tony Fiore and Committeeman Kevin Settembrino from the dais. And if you happened to be running late and wanted to attend the meeting that evening you very well may have missed it because the meeting barely lasted 20 minutes.  As a matter of fact, if it weren't for NJ American Water presenting a $2,500 grant to the Poricy Park Conservancy for work to be done at Murray Pond, the meeting would have clocked in under 15 minutes total.

After the presentation by NJ American Water, the Mayor stated that the labor at Murray Pond would be provided by volunteer students.

 After brief comments by the members of the Township Committee that were present, a  resident from Lincroft inquired about recent surveying that was done at the intersection of Rt. 520 and Middletown-Lincroft Rd. The Administrator stated that the county was performing yet another study to make this area safer. Another resident requested for enforcement of speed limits on roads around Majestic Ave. in the Lincroft section.

As always, you can download a copy of the Meeting Agenda that contains the discussion items and the proposed resolutions and ordinances that were voted on or presented during the meeting. A box around an item is a link, bringing you further into the document to that resolution or ordinance. At the end of the resolution there will be a link bringing you back to the agenda. Attached to this agenda is also the monthly bill list, so that everyone can see how the Township is spending our tax dollars.

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