Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentines Video: "Oh Miss Crabtree something heavy weighs on my heart..." - The Little Rascal's Love Business

In honor of Valentines Day I can resist posting one of my all-time favorite Little Rascal's shorts "Love Business".  This is the episode where Both Jackie Cooper and Norman "Chubby" Chaney are in love with their teacher Miss Crabtree.  Chubby barges into Jackie's house just as he was about to tell Miss Crabtree how much he loved her. He asks Miss Crabtree to call him "Chubsy Ubsy" and tells her that, "... something heavy weighs on his heart", while Jackie is behind the curtain letting Chubby know that something heavy will be hanging on his nose pretty soon.

I've posted the full 20 minute short, the episode is more involved than what I've mentioned about so here is the full plot synopsis from Wikipedia. I hope you enjoy it:
Jackie is hopelessly in love with Miss Crabtree. At the same time, his sister Mary Ann tells their mother that Jackie is in love with Miss Crabtree. Jackie runs off to school without eating breakfast. Meanwhile, Miss Crabtree becomes a boarder in Jackie's home and moves in later that day. Chubby also is in love with Miss Crabtree and practices kissing her on an oversized cardboard statue of Greta Garbo. Then at school, Wheezer tells Jackie, Mary Ann, Chubby, Farina, Donald, and Bonedust that Miss Crabtree was moving into their house. Jackie has mixed emotions about this. 
That evening, Miss Crabtree has dinner with Jackie, Mary Ann, Wheezer, and their mother. Mothballs fell into the soup a bit earlier giving the soup a very bitter taste. Later, Chubby stops in to see Miss Crabtree and recites some very romantic poetry. Miss Crabtree asks Chubby where he got all this stuff. He says from Wheezer (who got them from his mother's old love letters). Mother hears this and is about to give Wheezer a spanking but decides not to in the end.

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