Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 4, 2015 Middletown Township Committee Reorganization Meeting

Here is the video from the January 4th, 2015 Middletown Township Reorganization meeting. This video was available for over a week but just didn't have time to get around to posting it, back on the 4th however, I posted the about the meeting.

The Township Committee selected Mayor Stephanie Murray to be Mayor for a second consecutive term this year. Committeeman Steve Massell was selected to be Deputy Mayor. Fire Chiefs and a number of volunteers were sworn in . The agenda and resolutions containing the appointments of professionals and volunteers can be viewed... Here

After being sworn in Stephanie Murray addressed those in attendance for about 5 minutes and spoke about all the great accomplishments that she and the Township Committee oversaw in 2014. It was typical Ra-Ra, pat on the back, type stuff that one would expect to hear. Nothing earth scattering or overly interesting.

After Steve Massell was sworn in as Deputy Mayor, he spoke for a just over 2 minutes and I'd swear it was the most he had to say in over the past 3 years! He thanked his fellow committee members for appointing him Deputy Mayor, mentioned Police Chief Webber and acknowledged the passing of Deputy Police Chief Craig Bahrs before thanking his family.

The rest of the meeting was rather mundane and ended with comments from the members of the Township Committee.


Anonymous said...

From what Gerry had to say at 1:03:45 it is apparent that the township committee does not want the public at these meetings. They think that an empty room means evryone is happy with the way the town is run. If the people only knew.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:38

So, you think that an empty meeting means that the citizens of Middletown are unhappy? Really?

Couple that your "take" on lopsided elections meaning that people are sooo unhappy with Middletown government that they don't vote in protest, and you've got your homemade excuse for the generation long dominance of politics here by one party.

Pretty "cutting edge" stuff, that.

Here in the real world we agree with the good Doctor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38,

Too bad the Dr cant write you a script for your delusional thoughts. You should probably see someone about that!

Anon 519 makes a good point. If there is something that bothers people, the meetings are packed. So when the meeting are relatively empty, it says the exact same thing!
Residents like the way the town is run and continue to vote in favor of people who will keep it that way!

Mike, you seem to be on the wrong side once again. People in Middletown are educated enough to see through your lies. Try selling that somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

agree, town is being run correctly and people are happy. Instead of being part of any solution, all dems seem to want to do is create divisiveness and trouble. People see through this here

Tell It Like It Really Is said...

The Doctor you speak of 5:19 is a quack !!!!!

Anonymous said...

WHY does Stephanie Murray always wear white? Even in January? Is there some sort of Disney Princess/Virgin Queen thang going on for her, or is all her taste in her mouth? She must have a closetful of 3/4 sleeve dresses with scoopnecks, since that's all she wears!! She seems to trot out the white dress for the real serious sh=t, though. That thing's seen more action than Fiore's twitter account the night of the election!