Sunday, January 4, 2015

Murray Reappointed Mayor, Massell Deputy Mayor At Sparsely Attended Reorg Meeting.

I didn't attend Middletown's Reorganization day earlier this morning, I felt it was more important to get the outside Christmas decorations put away while there was a break in the weather and the temperature out was rather mild. Furthermore, the only real reason to go to one of these organizational meetings is to find out who would be appointed as Mayor & Deputy Mayor for the new year. Usually there isn't much drama that goes along with that, those that are up for reelection are chosen to fill these rolls.

This year was no different but I was very slightly surprised to hear that Stephanie Murray was reappointed Mayor over Steve Massell, who was appointed Deputy Mayor instead. After all, Massell is the lone candidate up for reelection this year. I suppose the reason behind Massell not being appointed Mayor is that he has very little charisma and seldom has an original thought or word to share from the dais at Township Committee meetings.  I hear Gerry Scharfenberger  made a comment after Massell was appointed deputy mayor to the effect that Massell is the only one on the Township Committee that no one in town seems to dislike.

Well, I would venture to say that's because  you can't dislike someone who's not confrontational and never speaks or voices an opinion - other than to agree with others on the dais.

I was also told that the Reorg meeting was parsley attended this year. In years past, the court room at Town Hall was always jammed packed and overflowing with volunteers (and their families) waiting to be sworn in for positions on various boards and commissions and numerous partisan spectators looking to show their loyalty and support for the status quo. This year for some reason, many did not show up.  I guess I'll have to wait to see the video that was taken of the day to see for myself just how empty the room was.

Maybe like myself, they just had other things that where more important or pressing to do than wasting 2 hours of my life at a meeting that we've all seemed to have been at before.



Anonymous said...

Let's hope it was because people wanted to make a statement about their dissatisfaction with the town fathers. From hands down approving Trinity Hall School, raising taxes to the nth degree for everyone, having no backbone to say no once and for all to AP & the threat of Taylor Lane being over-developed, and then to push back on the already strained parishes in this town to accept, whether they like it or not, the administration of social programs the town used to provide because they are too busy appropriating fund for ball fields than for townspeople needing help. Never mind the fact that they hand picked, yet again, the committee members, so why go and celebrate when it's the same people on their puppet strings year after year, and there is no hope for any true change or brightness in this place. This town is quickly becoming its own version of "Pottersville" and we've got more than one version of Mr. and Mrs. Potter in Fiore and Murray. Thank God for George Baileys like our own Middletown Mike. Why the rest of this town can't wake up and vote them out is beyond me. If you let this continue, then you have no room to complain once the liquid natural gas station goes in on Kanes Lane, or the dangerous alternative fuel source becomes a part of the AT&T landscape & in people's backyards, and any number of the changes that are to come very soon in this township.

Anonymous said...

Going to a TC meeting, any of them, is a complete waste of precious time. Why go to be abused by the four TC members who have no clue how to treat the people of this town with any respect !

Most of us are smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

The five-headed monster that calls itself a Township Committee exists and thrives on a mix of apathy and gerrymandering. In Monmouth County, where the population tilts Republican, only an interested and informed population can bring about change. That does not exist in Middletown and the latest redistricting only helps Republicans.

Yes, of course there is Money Magazine to assure us that all is well in Middletown. I have to laugh when our local realtors tout that "best places to live" list- sort of like every doctor I have ever seen with the plaque that says "NJ Best Doctors" the money...always follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Money Magazine should be told to "sit down and shut up" until it really knows something about what it is talking about !!!

Currently that is really absolutely nothing about anything in Middletown.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:43

If you think Middletown is becoming "Pottersville," perhaps you shpuld consider getting the hell out, we won't miss someone with an attitude like that.

Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. (Hint: projecting a "NIMBY" attitude is being a part of the problem...)

Anonymous said...

Funny how unable the reigning bunch of politicians can never see that there are always two and maybe more sides to every issue.

They do not like to be disagreed with and they sure as hell can never see that they are at fault about anything.

The posture this TC takes with the public is outrageous and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

These petty little politicians are so enamored with themselves that maybe now they'll know the people of Middletown are not so enamored with them.

Hopefully !!!