Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Letter: Democracy Ripped Away In Hong Kong

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Dear Editor,

The people of Hong Kong recently had their democracy ripped away from them by the national government of China. The Chinese government implemented new rules in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong requiring all political candidates there must be supported by a Beijing-controlled committee. While student activists organized pro-democracy protests to oppose the measures, they have since been arrested by Hong Kong Police.

Under the "One Country, Two Systems" terms of the Hong Kong’s Basic Law, a provision of the 1997 transfer of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China, the British-rooted legal system with political freedoms and democracy was to be maintained in the SAR for no less than 50 years.

The law reads “The socialist system and policies shall not be practised in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the previous capitalist system and way of life shall remain unchanged for 50 years”.

The Sino-British Joint Declaration required these legal provisions and was agreed to by then Prime Ministers Zhao Ziyang of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom (UK) in 1984 and registered with the United Nations.

The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom must act together at the United Nations as a united front to demand that Chinese government comply with their treaty obligations, to ensure the legal rights of the people of Hong Kong are respected.

Eric Hafner
Toms River

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