Saturday, November 29, 2014

Letter: Civil Rights Law Suit Filed In Keansburg Medical Marijuana case

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Dear Editor,

Some of you may have heard about my federal civil rights law suit against the Keansburg Police Department and may have heard different things that are being said around the community. It is true that I am a Rastafarian medical marijuana patient who was illegally profiled and my rights were violated. Here is the Star Ledger article on the suit and a link to a copy of the full law suit:
It is a shame that Gerald Massell continues to prosecute patients and this injustice furthers in the Keansburg municipal courts. I am deeply concerned about the constitutional rights being violated in this town and I can only hope that I can put an end to it.

While in Patrolman Rogan and Detective Lopez's custody, being threatened with gun violence and citing my dreadlocks and Colorado residence as reasons for harassment has left me deeply disturbed at the potential safety of my family, who still reside in Port Monmouth, Middletown Township.

Regarding New Jersey recognizing out of state cards, State vs. Forchion is a law suit dealing with out of state medical marijuana patient cards and is set to rule next year. Edward Forchion and his attorney John Saykanic are working on the appeal:

I hope that medical, as well as religious users such as myself, can receive the same freedoms everyone else has. The Keansburg Police Street Crimes Unit must be disbanded.

Middletown, New Jersey
Boulder, Colorado


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The comments yous two made are obviously because yous are the pd..all officials in that town are corrupt, just wait and see