Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fiore's Belligerence Really show's How Much He Loves Middletown

If it isn't eye-rolling or an exasperated sigh from the dais, Middletown's Tony Fiore has many other ways of showing his belligerence towards those who disagree with him. He's very often combatant, he constantly talks down to people and berates them when they stand at the podium at Township Committee meetings. He revels in his smugness and  pseudo authority.

In the clip below, instead of appointing someone that is qualified to hold a volunteer position, Tony Fiore would rather appoint someone that was more likely to vote for him.

With this mentality, the one that suffers is our town. This shows just how much he loves Middletown.


Anonymous said...

This little,self serving punk and his running mate are nothing but arrogant and combative.....without just cause !! Just who or what do they really think they are ??

There has got to be better for this Short and Mardingly on Nov. 4.. They out qualify the incumbents by a WIDE margin.


Anonymous said...

Yet Money Magazine ranks Middletown as a top place to live in the country...I honestly think Fiore does care about Middletown very much and is doing what is best for the taxpayers, not the special interest groups!

He may piss off a select few in town, but at the end of the day, everyone pays taxes and that's what matters!

Anonymous said...

Money magazine's rating is based on Middletown's proximity to New York and the arts and the quality of our school system . If Money magazine ever sent anyone here to attend our TC meetings ,Middletown would never again make any kind of list ANYWHERE !!

The relentless ,arrogant abuse of the people of this community is sinful by the five pathetic, political cretins and their mouthpiece on that dais !

Anonymous said...

I am a life-long Republican and Middletown resident and this guy is the reason I will be voting Democratic locally for the first time in my long voting history which dates back to the Nixon administration.

The disregard, disrespect and ruthlessness he showed towards members of the library board, the way they threatened, restructured and manipulated the library board in order to dip into their cash, the way they continue to appoint no-show jobs (with healthcare) to the sewerage authority, the way they attempt to infiltrate and politicize the Board of Education with their shill candidates, the sale of the swim club without ever publicly listing the property, the insulting, highly un-mayoral and thin skinned way he has attacked people on our local forums, the way they hung on to Christie's coat tails and then ran from him when his popularity dipped. Remember the "Christie Team" from a few years back? Same people, same Christie, the front runners just quit the team when the going got tough.

Come election day I am not going to vote FOR anyone. I'm going to hold my nose and vote AGAINST Tony Fiore, his pals and their idea of how local politics should be conducted.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:25

I love the "as a lifelong Republican" BS...

Give it up, no one is buying that bull!

And Anon at 8:24

If Money magazine ever sent anyone to attend a TC meeting, they would have more representation there than the Democratic candidates have had!

What does it say about them that they couldn't be bothered to find out what issues are facing the town?

It says that even they don't believe that they have a chance in hell of winning, so why bother?


Anonymous said...

There is not a speck of integrity or character in any of the "Christie Team" from Middletown. It's all about feathering their own nests one way or another. What will they destroy next ??

Themselves we can all HOPE !!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16,

The people in this town are sick and tired of the verbal abuse and condescension from the six morons on the dais.

Speaking of issues, the conduct of the TC and that lawyer are AN ISSUE!!! Why subject yourself to that bunch?? WHY ??

"Dancing with the Stars" is far better entertainment or Monday night football !!

Anonymous said...

You're tight Anon at 8:43...

Guess we don't need the TC meetings broadcast then, huh?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:36,

Can you answer he question? Where have the Democratic "candidates been?"

Shouldn't they have at least tried to give the impression that they gave a shot about the issues facing the town? That they cared -even a little bit - to be up to speed about what's going on?

Give Linda credit, she shws up, she asks questions and she tries to educate herself.

The two sacrificial lambs this year? Not so much...

Michael Morris said...

Prior to being elected Tony Fiore, Stephanie Murray, Steve Massell or Kevin Settembrino never showed their faces at a Township Committee meeting. Did they know what was going on??

Patrick Short and George Mardinly know what's happening around town, they've knocked on over 4000 doors since July, speaking to residents about their concerns and issues. And since the Township Committee meetings are recorded by local volunteers and posted on YouTube, they don't have to appear at meetings at this point. They can spend their time campaigning and knocking on doors and watch the gongs on at town hall at the end if their day.

Anonymous said...

Hey anaon 8:16,

I tick off half a dozen excellent reasons to show Fiore the door and you have no rebuttal, or denial, of any of my facts.

The only part you doubt is my voting record.

The one thing you disagree with is the one thing you have no way of knowing anything about.

Did you go to the Tony Fiore School of Politics?

When the facts aren't on your side, use personal attacks.

The fact is I am a life-long Republican and if Tony Fiore represents how local Republicans conduct business, I want no part of it.

Anonymous said...

Lifelong Republican -

Your "points" show such an astonishing lack of understanding of what has actually happened that I instantly recognized it as the political bullshot that it is.

Right from the "as a lifelong Republican " part, it was so obvious that I would be surprised if even Mikey believed it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:57a.m.,

Take your condescending crap over to your pal,Art's, bullsh#t blog !
Just who do you think you are anyway??

I don't believe Mike has any reason to foster your talking down to him or anyone else !

Your audacity just identifies you as another of the arrogant,obnoxious bastards that populate the Middletown Republican Party !!

Anonymous said...

Lifelong Republican -

Shows how much you know. I am a lifelong Democrat. I have never voted fr a Republican in my life

Anonymous said...

Well then you are obviously a political hack.

I said I never voted Democratic in a local election. I have however looked at individual candidates and their stances on issues important to me and crossed party lines in elections other than local.

Anyone who claims to have ALWAYS voted for Republicans or Democrats is an example of exactly what is wrong with this town and the reason that this particular group of Republicans think they are ten foot tall and bulletproof.

They can do whatever they want and people like you will approve of it as long as there is n "R" in front of their name.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's real easy to pretend that voter registration in Middletown is "so overwhelmingly Republican" that it doesn't matter what anyone does, the GOP candidate is going to win.

Except, of course, that's not true, is it?

The problem for Ds has been poor candidates, horribly led campaigns, and shrill, nonsensical messaging.

Has the current TC done everything right? No, of course not, that would be impossible. But until the Ds do more than throw stones and make sh*t up, they will continue to lose.

This year they are trying a new tactic - not making any public appearances. We'll see how that works.

I guess if you have made no specific proposals, no one can question them, right?

Anonymous said...

anyone who votes for only one party is part of the problem

as long as the dems keep trotting out Linda, dems have no shot

INDEPENDENT and Disgusted said...

George Mardingly and Patrick Short are qualified and capable candidates.

As for the quality of what currently serves, one only needed to have been at the LVGA candidates night in Lincroft last week. Murray ad Fiore's conduct was worse then two immature teenagers ! They should grow up and show some respect for the people of this community.

As to conduct, Luttrell was rude and offensively aggressive and made a fool of himself with the false accusations against Lillian Burry.

Politics can be a lousy,dirty endeavor and it was at it's worst in Lincroft last week !

Anonymous said...

Let's see how many votes Short and partner lose by this time...

Independant and Disgusted said...

Anon 7:54a.m.,

The VILLAGE SCOLD at it again !

Remember always..."the bigger they come (these republicans) the harder they will fall"....

Anonymous said...

At the top of the ticket on the Democrat column is CORY don't be so sure anon 7:54a.m.....this very fact in a blue state could show these arrogant Middleton Republicans to the shower exit....when party devotees cast ballots down a column without any thought as so many do.

The Republican candidate for Senate IS A WASTE of time or thought (a sacrificial lamb) .That's why CC didn't want to be on a ballot last year where Booker was at the top of the Democratic ticket!!

This can cut both ways and just watch....Jeffery Bell hasn't "a Chinaman's chance in hell" !

Anonymous said...

I don't care about Mr. Bell - I'm voting for Booker!

But there will be no turnover on the TC on election night...

Anonymous said...

Those two "teenagers", Murray and Fiore may not be back next year. The public knows how arrogant and useless they are and they are only Peter's puppets !!