Wednesday, October 22, 2014

APP LETTER: Elect Luttrell & Grillo Freeholders

Here's a letter to the editor that appeared in the Asbury Park Press the other day from a fiscally conservative Republican calling for the support of two Democrats running for the Monmouth County Freeholder positions:

I’m proud to be a consistent, fiscally conservative Republican. I work hard and feel that I know best how my money should be spent. That’s why this election, I will not be voting for the Republican incumbents running for freeholder. The reason is that they betrayed my trust.
Freeholders Lillian Burry and Gary Rich gave $1.2 million of our money to former Republican Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas as part of his “farmland deal.” Now Lucas is going to jail on 11 federal convictions.
A week ago, Rich said the freeholders deserve a raise. Fair enough, but that they should “get paid 5 times as much” is a bit much for me.
This is why I’m voting for two Democrats: Larry Luttrell and Joe Grillo for freeholder this year. I’m happy to vote for two successful business owners. When you are responsible for the financial well-being of both your family and your employees, you can’t be anything but a fiscal watchdog.
I feel that Grillo and his runningmate will make sure our tax dollars are not wasted on sweetheart farm deals.
I’m voting for Larry Luttrell and Joe Grillo for Monmouth County freeholder and county residents should too. On Nov. 4, let’s remind our elected officials that they work for us or they’re fired.
Joe Pepe
Asbury Park


Anonymous said...

It is surprising how immature Luttrell's conduct has been in numerous appearances. Perhaps he should get his facts straight before shoots his mouth off at public forums . His screwing up the facts,outright lies and offensive aggression defeats whatever it is he thinks he's accomplishing.

There's an old fashioned saying....
"not dry behind the ears yet". Perhaps this candidate needs to grow up until he's at least dry behind the ears !

His current conduct does not warrant election to a leadership role.

Anonymous said...

These two are NOT ready for prime time !!