Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fiore “the Fibber” Once Again Has Integrity Issues: Deny, Deny, Admit, Delete

2 weeks ago I asked if Middletown Committeeman Tony Fiore might Have Women Issues  after allowing a person to post a derogatory picture towards women on his Facebook page and hitting the “Like” button back on September 14th.  The picture depicted Peanuts character Charlie Brown kicking Lucy in the head while exclaiming “Not this time Bitch!” as she attempted, once again, to pull a football away from him as he tried to kick it.

I stated that the image was offensive and inappropriate for an elected official to display so proudly on his social media page and thought that Fiore would be smart enough to understand how inappropriate and degrading the image was to women. Especially after all the media attention that former Baltimore Raven's running back and Rutgers’s University alum Ray Rice received after video of him surfaced knocking out his then fiancée – now wife- Janay Palmer Rice, in an Atlantic City elevator.

As a result of the post and screenshot that I took of Tony Fiore’s Facebook page, Fiore “blocked” me from seeing his personal page, then changed the privacy setting on his account from “Public” to “Private” so that others couldn’t see it unless they were “friends” with him on Facebook.  He then went to Facebook and denied that he ever had the picture posted to his page or that his personal page was ever public after my initial post was shared by others on Facebook. 

Good for me I have a screenshot of his denials.

Which lead to this rebuttal from a moderator from the Middletown Smart Growth Bloc Facebook group:

After being confronted Fiore, in what can only be explained as a moment of introspection and clarity, actually admitted that yes, he did indeed have the picture on his page even though he didn’t like it. He used the classic defense ‘most of my friends are…’ to justify the picture that was posted.

His admission however was short lived. He deleted it from the thread of comments sometime after the below comment was posted (but not before the above screenshot was taken). 

Why did he delete his admission? I have no clue. Maybe he was afraid to have others see it and view it as a weakness or something that could later be used against him (he would have been right about that).

Back in 2008 when Fiore first ran for Township Committee, he earned the moniker of the “Fibber” from the now defunct Middletown weekly newspaper, the Courier and myself, for his embellished resume that he submitted to the Township’s talent bank when he wanted to be considered by the Middletown GOP for an appointment to one of Middletown’s many boards and commissions (he was eventually appointed as an alternate to the Planning Board). His resume stated he was a member of Recreation Commission for both Carteret and Linden. In an interview with then Courier reporter Melissa Gaffeny, he stated that he served as the "Director of Recreation" for both. This didn’t sit well with Gaffney, how could a college kid in his late teens or early twenties possible be the Director of Recreation if he only had a part-time job during summer recesses while a kid in college?  When Melissa Gaffney, did a little digging into his resume and made a couple of calls to both towns asking about Fiore’s claims, no one in either town knew who he was or if he ever worked for either recreation departments. It was later learned in a follow-up phone call that Fiore actually earned $104 from the Carteret as a summertime playground director or something to that effect. He was not however, at any time, Director of Recreation during his time spent in Carteret or Linden.

I'm sure that if he could delete that history, he would.


Here are a few links that you might find interesting concerning the Fiore's resume story from back in the day:


Anonymous said...

Well at least he isn't attacking old women.

Michael Morris said...

Good thing, the old lady might have decked him.

Margie said...

Ok, interesting, so ultimately, though, from what I can read here
Art's reference above to his own post on Monmouth Musings is incomplete, because as the deal went down, the Lucas land deal has turned out to be a mess, and that Burry's been distancing herself from the whole situation. And in Luttrell's defense, wasn't it somewhat inflammatory to ask him that obnoxious, and actually ridiculous question in the first place? Once again, what we see here is a comfort zone that the Repubs have with their one-party stranglehold on this town. Burry even feels she's in a position to bully candidates for her seat, because after all, aren't we just a bunch of blind fools always voting along the party line? I for one, plan to be Jiminy Cricket in the voting booth, Ms. Burry. I am hoping more Republicans join me.

Barbara R.Thorpe said...


Tony Fiore has been very capable of condensation towards and character attacks on women or anyone who disagrees with him. Have witnessed that conduct at TC meetings or experienced it when disagreeing with him in the past election cycle. Just ask Pat Walsh about his and his political punk cronies' despicable attacks when she was the opposition in a prior election cycle. Carolyn Scwebel could probably attest to some of this treatment also.

Character assassination and intimidation are the "tools of the trade" of the current breed of republican in this town. Make no mistake about at any cost is the motto they seem to operate by and attempt to destroy the character of any one who opposes them about anything.

For that matter the republicans behave this way today at the state level(Bridegate Pensiongate).They will devour their own if it benefits them politically.

Money magazine should sent a reporter here to interview some of the people who live here and they would surely reconsider the quality of life here!

Lousy,contemptible politics certainly impacts the quality of life in Middletown !

Anonymous said...

So when fiore wanted in become involved in politics his qualification to do so was having been a playground monitor? That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

why do so few try to make so much from something so insignificant? If this is all you have on the current crop running our town, I'll take them in every election!

Anonymous said...

If this is the best thing you got on Fiore, then you better not quit your day job.

Really guys, good job. Something that someone posted on his FB page is no reason not to vote for him and a reasonable person would recognize that that doesn't mean he hates women or approves of violence against women. Only a small minded person would come to that conclusion, clearly you are distinguishing yourself with this issue!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of reasons NOT TO VOTE for Tony Fiore and this displayed lack of integrity is just one of them !!!

Anonymous said...

Last two anonymous posters, please reread Barbara Thorpe's comments. We have seen him demean women at TC meetings and scream falsehoods at females as
did his running mate mayor ( Go to the videotape.) Some anger management training along with "the Situation" might be helpful.

The fact that he indicated liking the cartoon post above shows poor judgment and is just another of the many reasons to vote for Patrick Short, who has proved himself in his previous TC role.

Margie said...

Then give us a reason to vote for him. What has he done for you lately?

Anonymous said...

"small minded" ? You've got to be kidding ! One only needs to attend a TC meeting to be aware of "political small mindedness" !!!! The dais is laden with it !!!

Barbara said...


Patrick Short is and was a conscientious public servant. He had a commendable resume when he ran before and believe he out qualifies those he opposes in this election by far!

He was an advocate for those in the Bayshore and many others that republicans chose to ignore or disregard their problems.

The Republicans tried to belittle and demean a decent,good man with distorting facts (par for the course for those integrity challenged politicians). Hopefully
the people of Middletown will elect Patrick and his running mate this year.This town needs a breath of fresh air!

Middletown needs bipartisan government.It's far healthier. Currently business is conducted behind closed doors with little public discussion or disclosure.That's the way it will remain with total one party rule.
Ask yourself, please, what do they have to hide or what are they afraid of ?

(BTW,the word is condescension misspelled in prior post)

Anonymous said...

Well -stated, Barbara! I completely agree !

Anonymous said...

You know Mikey, you are so full of it and yourself.