Sunday, October 26, 2014

Campaign Dirty Tricks or "Burry-Foolery"

I put up a "Short - Mardinly" campaign sign on Sunday, Oct. 19, on the stretch of Navesink River  Road between Poricy Brook and Hubbard Ave. There were no other signs on this stretch. Driving by there again on Friday, Oct. 24, I was amazed to see that my one sign had been blocked by a close "sandwich" of two "Burry - Rich" campaign signs. See attached photos.

There was plenty of room for the Burry signs elsewhere on this road. This was also bizarre because Middletown Township Committee candidates Short and Mardinly are not even in the same race as Freeholders Burry and Rich.

These type of petty "dirty trick" tactics really raise my anger level. They remind me of the Little campaign people who made "sandwiches" around the Pallone signs in the last election.

This was not an isolated incident. I noticed the same tactics in two other places last week: one was at the low point of Chapel Hill Road at Whipporwill Valley Road where one Burry-Rich sign was used to block a Short-Mardinly sign; the other was where, again, two signs were used(I forgot the location.) Strange behavior!

John Schwebel


Anonymous said...

Another ethics violation , certainly sneaky!

Anonymous said...

Another ethical violation and sneaky too!