Sunday, October 26, 2014

APP: Pallone gets the nod in 6th District

Frank Pallone received the endorsement from the Asbury Park Press and Home News Tribune for re-election. 

"He knows how to get things done and continues to serve his district well. He receives our endorsement for re-election." - Asbury Park Press 10/25/14

Rep. Frank Pallone is a traditional liberal Democrat who proudly proclaims his belief in an activist government.
His opponent, Anthony Wilkinson, is a conservative Republican who thinks government should stay out of our lives as much as possible.
For many voters, that's all they need to know to make a decision in the 6th Congressional District. It might even be more than they need — Pallone's name recognition alone might be enough, or merely the "D" and "R" labels next to the candidates' names. Most elections run along a similar course, with a large percentage of votes cast more or less by default.
Frank Pallone
Pallone will benefit from all of that, and is an almost certain winner. But he is also deserving of support that extends beyond party stereotypes. Pallone was first elected to Congress in 1988 and is seeking his 14th term in the House. He knows how to get things done and continues to serve his district well. He receives our endorsement for re-election.
Pallone has never taken his eye off the particular concerns of his district communities, especially regarding environmental protections along the shore. He was a key player in a ban on ocean dumping back in his earliest days in Congress, and has been a persistent opponent of offshore drilling. He has also been a leader in the fight for Superstorm Sandy relief.
But outside the district Pallone may be best known as one of the chief architects of the Affordable Care Act. That means he knows more than most the balance of pros and cons in the act and how best to fix problems without losing the benefits. Pallone is proud of the ACA's achievements, and he'll be needed on Capitol Hill moving forward as the health reforms continue to evolve and attempt to withstand Republican assaults.
Pallone is also well positioned to take on a new, powerful position — as top Democrat on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. He says that's a prime goal for his next term, and New Jersey would only benefit from having a key legislator in such an influential spot...

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Anonymous said...

Who would want an activist government? You might as well just say I am unable to make my own decisions. Pallone’s type of government thinks you are too stupid to be given a choice of which light bulbs to buy but when it comes to protecting you they do nothing! The borders are not protected and people suspected of having ebola are under a “voluntary” quarantine. Thank God the governor is instituting a mandatory quarantine. Please if you want an activist government please go to 1 of the socialist countries don’t ruin America for those of us who don’t want to be government serfs. An added bonus of leaving America would be a strong America would protect your socialist paradise from Islam or whatever other forces that would drive the world in to the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:16a.m.,

Just what kind of government do you think we have in N.J. led by "his majesty" CC ?? I'll tell you....a dictatorship !

The orders have been under protected for years
and Bush & Cheney did nothing about them or immigration reform which is still an ongoing issue !1

Stop the crap about socialism and get real because you sound like you're full of S##T......
There are certainly unresolved problems in these United States of America but it is not's arrogant ignorant,do nothing, Republicans in the current Congress!!

Anonymous said...

Just saying Bush did it too doesn't make it right. It was wrong then and wrong now. This country was founded on the principle of limited government especially at the federal level. It doesn't bother you that our freedoms are being eroded? What do you want the congress to do? confiscate all wealth and redistribute as they see fit? It was wrong when Bush did his stimulus and was wrong when Obama did the same thing. then Obama laughed "shovel ready really wasn't shovel ready". CC has a democratic senate and assembly. Thank God he vetoed the 10 round magazine ban. Slaves don't own guns freemen do. Please stop trying to change America.