Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Middle Class Jumpstart

The following is a newsletter from Congressman Frank Pallone:

As your Member of Congress, my focus has always been and will always be ensuring that every American, regardless of their race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or socio-economic status, has a fair shot at making it in this country.
Frank Pallone

Unfortunately, Republicans continue to ignore legislation in Congress that would safeguard this essential element of the American Dream. Instead, they have chosen to double-down on political stunts and partisan gridlock. Meanwhile, the American middle class remains on the losing end.

Democrats in Congress, however, have proposed a legislative initiative – called “the Middle Class Jumpstart” – that addresses the challenges facing the middle class with a three-prong strategy:

• Providing tax incentives for creating good-paying jobs here at home, as well as authorizing the repair and modernization of America’s roads, rails, bridges and broadband technology

• Guaranteeing both women and men get equal pay for equal work, as well as strengthening the “Violence Against Women Act” and expanding access to comprehensive health care and family planning

• Making college more affordable and allow students to refinance their college loans to new, lower rates, as well as increasing access to effective early childhood learning

I remain committed to passing these bills and revitalizing our middle class to ensure our nation remains prosperous and rich with opportunity for all Americans.

Frank Pallone
Member of Congress


Anonymous said...

please list one single thing this "man" has done while in congress. he has been there for decades. so he is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

He wrote a good deal of the ACA and helped shepherd it through Congress.
The people of this country are benefiting today from that legislation !

He has also served well the shore area of Monmouth County.

Stop the snipping politics,Anon 8:05.. your bias sticks out like a very sore thumb....dumb!!!