Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fireworks & Sky Lanterns Are Dangerous & Illegal in New Jersey

From Middletown Alerts:
July 1st, 2014

As the community gets ready for a long July 4th weekend, the Middletown Police Department and Township Fire Official reminds all township residents and store owners that the possession, sale and use of fireworks and sky lanterns is unlawful.

New Jersey’s Laws on Fireworks, N.J.S.A. 21:2-1 et seq., and N.J.S.A. 21:3-1 et seq., are very restrictive. In New Jersey, only paper or plastic caps for use in toy guns are legal. Fireworks such as firecrackers, roman candles, rockets are all illegal in New Jersey as well as sparklers and novelty items, such as cigarette loads, trick matches, trick noise makers, smoke grenades, toy propellants, snaps & pops, poppetts and champagne poppers.

Sky lanterns, also known as wish lanterns, are airborne paper lanterns that are constructed of oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame and contain a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material. When lit, the flame heats the air inside the lantern causing it to rise into the air. The lanterns are known to travel great distances and are considered to be a fire hazard under N.J.A.C 5:70-3, 308.3.2. They can land on buildings, trees and cause fires.

Residents with information concerning the use or sale of fireworks and sky lanterns are encouraged to report them to the Middletown Township Police Department 732-615-2100. Any person found using fireworks illegally can be fined up to $500 and/or imprisoned for up to 30 days. The law further states that the sale or possession of fireworks, with intent to sell, is a crime of the fourth degree. Any person found guilty of possessing fireworks, including sparklers, with the intention of selling them, can be fined up to $7,500 and/or imprisoned up to 18 months.

Stay safe this on July 4th this year and every year. Please teach children about the law and hazards regarding fireworks. Questions regarding fireworks and sky lanterns can be directed to the Fire Official at 732-615-2270.


Anonymous said...

'encouraged to report them'

are you kidding me, more of the nanny police state that has neighbor telling on neighbor. Seriously people, enjoy and celebrate the founding of our nation and let others do as they may.

Anonymous said...

Mike- thanks for posting this reminder. It is wonderful to enjoy the legal and safe fireworks display we have here on the shore, but kids setting off illegal fireworks on the street is not only dangerous, but impacts those whose schedules require that they work nights and holidays.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a shame that people who are supposed to be "grown up" must behave like infantile kids ?

Consideration of others should be the conduct on any day, not the nonsense that persists year after year with imbeciles in many neighborhoods for many days around the July 4th holiday.

Hope these jerks blow their fingers off....would serve them right if they get hurt breaking the law !