Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's Play In The Snow

Remember those days when you'd sit in school wishing for a snow day but had no idea what you'd do if you had the day off? Boy, those were the days.

Here's An Erpi Classroom Film produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc., in collaboration with Lawrence E. Briggs, M.S., Massachusetts State College. It's a  little educational video (circa 1945) titled "Play In The Snow".  In the video, children enjoy winter sports, making a snow man, playing fox and geese, sledding and skiing.

It's astonishing to me that this video was made and shown to kids in the classroom. I mean, did kids nearly 70 years ago need to be shown how to dress properly and  how to spend a  fun filled day outside after it had snowed? If you told me that this film was made a few years ago to be shown to kids today, I'd  think it was a sad commentary on our youth but somewhat necessary.

I don't know if kids know what it's like to play outside all day after a snowstorm, they are such couch potatoes. It seems that they would much rather sit-in and play their Xbox or Play Station video games rather than go outside for any length of time and enjoy themselves.

It's a shame my friends and I had some great times back in the day enjoying our snow days. Maybe if some kids today watched this video in school it would inspire them to give it a try.

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