Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jim Grenafege Comments to Middletown Committee Reguarding the Budget and Layoffs

This is the first of four audio clips from the Middletown Township Committee Meeting in which it is alledged that Jim Grenafege, the Democratic Candidate for Township Committee, suggested that the Township Committee should consider laying off members of the Police department.
After listening to all of the audio you can make a determination for yourself whether or not Mr. Grenafege suggested it or not.

1st. part. - Jim's comments

2nd. part - Jim's comments

3rd. part - Scharfenberger explains budget

4th. part - Chief's comments

After listening to all four audio clips it is my contention that Mr. Grenafege did not call for a reductions in the Middletown Police department.
Click here to read Grenafege's letter
Click here to read Anthony Fiore's letter
Click here to read my response to Anthony Fiore

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