Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Deed By MTPD Officer Vendetti Deserves Recognition

All too often we only hear about the bad or negative aspects of police officers and/or their actions that they take, you very rarely hear about the good that they do. That is why I want to send a much deserved shout out to Adam Vendetti, a 12 year veteran of the Middletown Police Department, who was spotted going above and beyond the call of duty last week by a friend of mine, who lives on Chestnut Ave., over in the Hillside section of Middletown.

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(Officer Vendetti fixing bike)
Last Thursday morning (8/7/14), while glancing out the front window of his house my friend witnessed two Middletown police cars sitting in front of his house. One police officer (Vendetti) was standing next to first car speaking to the officer inside. When the police car departed officer Vendetti started walking back to his patrol vehicle.

While walking to his vehicle, Officer Vendetti stopped a young boy who walking past him, pushing his bike: the chain had fallen off its sprocket and was dragging on the ground. The two spoke briefly and Vendetti went to his patrol car to retrieve a pair of gloves. Officer Vendetti then spent the next 10 minutes fixing the young man’s bike and sent him on his way.

My friend, who witnessed this genuine act of kindness, was so impressed by Officer Vendetti’s wonderful gesture towards one of the kids in the neighborhood, went outside and thanked him for his effort. He said that after speaking with Officer Vendetti, how very impressed he was with him and what a “real nice young man” he was.

After hearing this little story I’m also very impressed by Officer Vendetti and his exceptional character. I’m happy knowing that he is patrolling the streets of Middletown, watching out for its citizens.

You're a good man Officer Vendetti, keep up the good work!


bigbluegiant said...

Thank you for posting this Mike. Too many times we hear about the bad. In my 61 years in Middletown I have only known mostly very good peace keepers. Not knowing many cops anymore this guy really impressed me and hopefully the young man this cop helped remembers the kindness. Way to go MTPD and Officer Vendetti.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the young man on the bike will grow up to be a policeman. I bet he does.

Anonymous said...

great story and good job by one of our own