Friday, June 2, 2017

Planting Dune Grass

A second round of dune grass will be planted at Ideal Beach on Saturday, June 17th from 9am to 4pm, rain or shine. Volunteers are needed to place the woody plants along the beach dune on Bayside Parkway between Ocean and Bray avenues in North Middletown.

A total of 11,400 native species of grass will be added to the dune thanks to planting days held in May and June. The day, hosted by Middletown Township and the Ideal Beach Community Association, also offers community service hours for those in need. Please bring a shovel and work gloves. Call 732-615-2260 for more information.

Ideal Beach is a public beach owned by the Township (us). We should make an effort to help preserve it.

(Hat tip to Don Watson)


Anonymous said...

There will be a planting at Bayshore Waterfront Park, right down the road from Ideal Beach. The dunes are there to protect us from the storm surges. We need to see that the dunes are protected by planting grasses and shrubs on t hem. Come on out and help save ourselves.

Michael Morris said...

Will that be on the same day and time?