Saturday, April 22, 2017

Action Together: Meet Some of the Democratic Candidates

ActionTogetherNJ - Monmouth County
Organizer of Meet Some of the Democratic Candidates

We are Action Together Monmouth County and are a county group within Action Together NJ & Network

We fight for civil liberties, social justice, and environmental protection. We advocate for equality and human rights for all people. We protect those who face discrimination, disenfranchisement, and persecution. We fight for legislation that helps the working class, and supports equal pay and a living wage for all workers. We support and collaborate with existing advocacy groups who share our beliefs. We will fight to elect progressive leaders who share our values. And we will fight against elected officials who don’t.

Hope you can join us to meet some of the democratic candidates.

Introduction by Congressman Frank Pallone

Monmouth County Freeholders:
-- Dr. Margie Donlon and Mayor Brian Wilton, Esq.

NJ State Senate:
--LD 11: Vin Gopal
--LD 12: David Lande, Esq.
--LD 13: Sean Byrnes, Esq.
--LD 30: Amy Sara Cores, Esq.

NJ State Assembly:
--LD12: Gene Davis
--LD13: Mariel DiDato and Tom Giaimo, Esq.
--LD30: Eliot Colon

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Anonymous said...

What a great event. Many excellent candidates were present, as well as a large crowd in the audience. Thank you Action Together for hosting such an informative event. The panelists answered all questions asked with good detail.