Monday, February 27, 2017

The Wrong Way to Rebuild the Democratic Party

An excellent and thought provoking article for Democrats was published this past weekend over at stating how Democrats need to embrace a new vision, that dumps the failed leaders of the past.

"...Ours must be a community created through inclusion. But people will never feel included if progressives embrace the same old losing playbook and elevate the same powerful insiders to positions of privilege. Instead of propaganda, Democrats need to articulate values and vision for America—to spread messages Democrats truly believe in, messages that resonate on an emotional level and speak to people’s real material concerns. If the Democratic Party can’t offer something inspirational that is grounded in the core values of justice, equality and solidarity, we may need to build a party that does...."

 It really is something that Democrats should be thinking about, but I don't think they will. Right now the Democratic elite are still in denial after loosing the election last November, which became evident on Saturday when they chose Tom Perez as the new head of the DNC rather than a more progressive and forward looking leader like Pete Buttigieg.

You can read the full article .... HERE  

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