Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FYI - White Working Class Helped Most By Anti-Poverty Programs That GOP Administration Wants To Cut

The “Social Safety Net” of the US is designed to “catch” Americans if they fall on hard times. It protects people from poverty and hardship with programs like tax credits, food stamps and housing assistance.

A new study shows that working class whites without a college degree benefit the most from these programs, more than blacks or Hispanics with the same education. Here’s a chart that shows the numbers.

Donald Trump’s voters included two-thirds of white, non-college adults. This group may be hit particularly hard if Republicans succeed in cutting back on some of these “safety net” programs.


Anonymous said...

it well serve these malcontent nitwits right for voting for this ignorant retard for president!!

Never has this country seen someone so UNQUALIFIED elected to our presidency.He appears to suffer from mental illness and even his kids don't want to leave him ALONE .....guess they know how deficient he really is. We are all learning !

Surrounds himself with some of society's worst characters imaginable,those would better serve in criminal circles not as they are now serving in the republican goon squads of our current government. Where will it all end??? This administration is hell bent on becoming a dictatorship with "Adolph" T and "Benito" B in charge........"Looney Tunes" house and senate leaders complete the picture and these creeps all hold this country and it's citizens hostage.

When are Mc Cain and Graham going to finally realize something has to be done to save this nation from the nuts in the WH and Congress before it is too late??

Anonymous said...

It is the left that is insane! if a man believes he is a woman the liberals agree that he is a woman. If this is true there should be no women only sporting classification since gender is only a social constraint to the wacky left. there is no need for the LPGA Tiger Woods should be able to compete against the ladies if he self identifies as female.

Also white people being helped by these programs is not an issue to Trump voters. It is the left who see everything as a racial issue. That is why this news article didn't make any difference. Trump, the Tea party and all the real American things you don't understand is not and never was about race it is about freedom!

Anonymous said...

The whites who are helped by social programs (i.e. everyone at some point if you don't decline social security and medicare) threw a Hail Mary pass in the hopes that Trump could bring back blue collar jobs. The question right now is, do ANY of the individuals Trump has appointed to implement his agenda have a history of putting employees before shareholders The answer is NO. Quite the contrary. His special advisor on regulatory affairs is corporate raider Carl Icahn who destroyed TWA and who has been responsible for thousands of job losses across a wide swath of American industry. He is age 80 and still going strong buying into companies and forcing mass layoffs. Then we have a cabinet filled with hedge fund managers and assorted corporate titans who have shown concern only for shareholders at the expense of workers. As Judge Judy says, "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining"