Friday, January 13, 2017

Russian For Trumpkins

If you voted for Donald trump this past November and consider yourself a "Trumpkin", the Middletown Library is offering a class just for you! Russian for Beginners

That's right, now you too can show your love for Mother Russian and it's leader Vladimir Putin, the same way that our soon to be president Donald Trump does. Only now, you can do it after you learn how to express yourself verbally after learning how to say, "I love you" in Russian, instead of relying on an incoherent, 3 am Twitter tirade.

Classes are for adults only on Thursday nights, so hurry up now and sign up. Your comrades are waiting.


Anonymous said...

I think it goes something like this:

Я тебя люблю

You'll have to go to class to learn pronunciation

Michael Morris said...

I love you too

Anonymous said...

of course the Russians wanted Trump to be commander and chief knowing he would roll back Obama's "improvements" to our military. Obama improved the Navy to less than 1/2 ships we had under Reagan. Obama increased military morale by allowing openly gay members to be flamboyant and transgender and cutting their budget.

Michael Morris said...

Wrong Anon,

There are currently 430 U.S. Warships in our armed forces, at the peak there were 594. The decline of warships stared after the Cold War ended. Starting 1988 Congress sharply reduced military spending and decommissioned numerous ships and military bases. For the past 10 years the number of ships have remained steady.

If having gays serve openly in the military upsets current military personnel than maybe they shouldn't be in the military in the first place.

Over the past several years the military budget has fluctuated between $600B - $721B and it has been Congress that has cut spending not Obama.

fake news and revisionist history does no one any good.

Anonymous said...

Remember the current mayor was enamored with the self serving republican he called a "rock star",C. Christie.....these two both thought they were going to D.C......maybe they should take a one way trip to Russia instead! Get the hell out this town and this state and take their fascist ideas with them.....not even the juvenile nut case now in the W.H. wants them.

The republican goon squad in Middletown has been hell bent on destroying our library.

If anyone needs language lessons, perhaps English for those who don't understand it or speak it would be a better choice and a more productive expenditure.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Christie team has changed their name to the Trump team. They keep hitching their wagons to winners destined for self-destruction. If I join the team, can I get my property taxes lowered while everyone else's skyrockets too?