Friday, January 6, 2017

January 1, 2017 Middletown Township Committee Meeting - Reorganization

I haven't watched the entire video from the New Years Day reorganization of Middletown's local government as of yet, I'm about half way through, but here are the highlights:

Kevin Settembrino and Gerry Scharfenberger were sworn in for another 3-year term. The Committee selected Gerry Scharfenberger to be Mayor for the coming year and Stephanie Murray to be the Deputy Mayor.

Two ordinances were introduced. One to set salaries for non-contractual employees. The other will codify and revise ordinances of the township. It will also repeal some ordinances and save others from being repealed.

Officers in the Fire Department and First Aid were sworn in as were the volunteers to various boards and commissions.


Here is the Meeting Agenda, ordinances and resolutions from the meeting. They include all of the appointments to various boards and commissions.


Anonymous said...


Will you be posting a link to the meeting agenda? I'm interested in that salary ordinance. Thanks.

Michael Morris said...


When it's available I'll post it. Usually I wait to post the videos until the agenda is available but I just wanted to post this before the next TC meeting on Monday.

The delay is the result of waiting for the agenda documents to be released via OPRA requests.