Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Thoughts A week After Election Day

Today marks a week since Donald Trump won the presidential election over Hillary Clinton. It shocked me and many, many others. I'm not going to lie to you, it hurts and has caused me a couple of sleepless nights. It's hard to imagine how many polls got it wrong!

That being said, I was never a Hillary or Bernie fan; I didn't think either one could have won a widespread national election. For those who remember, I was an early supporter of  Martin O'Malley's candidacy.

I think the lack of enthusiasm for Hillary and the last minute James Comey self-injection doomed her. The millennial, black and Bernie support wasn't there as it was assumed to be. As a result, overall voter turnout, I believe, is down from 2012. That said, it's amazing that Clinton won the popular vote, which still continues to climb, by nearly 1 million votes over Trump.

I do believe that there will be widespread voter regret coming when Trumpsters realize that absolutely nothing the man campaigned on will come to throughition. He's not going to build a wall, he's not going to deport 10 million people, he's not going to ban Muslims, he's not going to grow the economy by 4-5% and you will not be able to renegotiate trade deals or eliminate our partnerships in NATO or other foreign alliances. This that tell you otherwise are lying.

Elections have consequences beyond who is elected President. Unfortunately, most of the electorate only votes once every 4 years and never think of the overall big picture.

People want jobs and a strong economy but they also want clean air and clean water. People want Social Security Medicare and Medicaid and equal rights, distributed to all not just a few. Unfortunately, the assaults on those programs, the environment and personal liberties has already begun.

Trump has a lot of legal issues of his own and he isn't the most honest person in the world. I go as far as to say that he is more dishonest than he and everybody else thought Hillary to be.

Before Michael Moore stated it, I said to others that I thought (think) that you'll see Mike Pence as president by the end of the 2018 due to the many Trump conflicts of interest and legal issues.

That's my rant on the subject and God help us all because we don't have a shovel big enough to get us out from underneath this shit-pile that's waiting to be dumped on all of us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughts Mr. Optimism.

So you don’t think Trump will follow through on his campaign promises? What? An elected official that promised more than he/she could deliver while campaigning for a job? That’s outrageous. I’ve never heard of such a thing happening in American politics.

You think that the bad news delivered by Comey prevented people from voting for Hillary? It’s typical for losers from both parties to point at things that happened beyond their candidate’s control during the campaign as reasons for their candidate losing.

Once the two parties determined who their candidates were, nothing that happened during the campaign mattered. Supporters of Hillary didn’t care how many emails she deleted and supporters of Trump didn’t care how many women he grabbed.

Just as supporters didn’t care when our sitting president was in the oval office using a cigar as a sex toy on an intern young enough to be his daughter, ideology can foster a lot of forgiveness for personal failings, even when it is not warranted. Neither party has a monopoly on overlooking glaring flaws.

Instead of whining about the results and predicting the end of life as we know it, how about giving your next President the benefit of the doubt and tipping your hat to the guy who won fair and square in a game where all’s fair.

Maybe he won’t build a 2,000 mile wall, but he will probably improve border security. And he might not kick 11 million illegals out of the country but maybe he will raise the bar on what crimes are tolerated before we send them back where they came from. The bottom line is that he represented change and Hillary represented more of the same old thing. People are sick of the same old thing in Washington.

The real problem is a system that produced two candidates that forced most people to hold their nose when they entered the voting booth. If the only thing the election of Trump accomplishes is to have us look more closely at the two party system, run by private entities that are not in our constitution and decide who we can vote for, that will be enough for me.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Trump changes is his mind. Just about everything he campaigned on, he is back pedaling on.
He can't drain the swamp while he needs it to swim in. What a hypocrite. And I thought he was going to be different than the status quo.