Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Letter: Corrupt Monmouth County Tax Board

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Dear Editor,

Recently great attention has been paid to corruption on the Monmouth County Tax Board, specifically involving the revaluation program. But every county needs to pay more attention to their tax boards as well.

What few understand is that county tax commissioners are patronage jobs, provided not to the best qualified, but the most well-connected by the Governor. Few also know these well-paid part-time jobs result in taxpayer paid family health insurance policies for those holding these positions.

There were previously attempts in the state legislature to rein in the free health insurance for these positions that border on no-show jobs, yet thanks to the help of now Convicted Felon and Fraudster, the not-at-all-honorable, Albert Coutinho, who used his position as a State Assemblyman in Newark (elected as a Democrat, but frequently loyal to Republican power brokers) these patronage part-time positions kept getting full-time employee benefits on the taxpayer dime.

Monmouth County has people like Wayne Pomanowksi, a Christie loyalist and Republican power-broker who was also a supporter of Essex County's Albert Coutinho, who are leeching off of the taxpayer's dime, while claiming to be self-made business people.

The next time there is an Operation Bid Rig, the feds should have a chat with Wayne Pomanowski, and the next Governor should remove him from the Monmouth County Tax Board.

Rev. Dr. Eric Hafner
Toms River, NJ

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