Monday, July 4, 2016

Middletown's Bison Busted

Besides Calico " The Evil Clown of Middletown", the red buffalo that sat in front of a home on Cherry Tree Farm road was arguably the weirdest thing in Middletown. Some vandals tipped it over Sunday night and it is now in need of repair.

You can read about it in a little more detail HERE

A "GO FUND ME" webpage has been set up to seeking $5,000 for repairs to the buffalo.


Margie R. said...

Mike--I heard that the family wants nothing to do with gofundme accounts--can you check it our or follow up?

Michael Morris said...

Not sure if they want it or not. I saw two Go Fund Me pages set up and I link the one that had the least amount of spelling errors (as if that's any indication, haha).

Below is a link from the newly created Facebook page Buffalo of Middletown explaining the situation.