Monday, May 16, 2016

Middletown's Phil Murphy Announces Candidacy for NJ Governor

I'm taking the unusual step of announcing my candidacy for Governor a year ahead of the election because New Jersey's challenges can't wait.

And this campaign is not going to be politics as usual. It starts with New Jerseyans -- not me.

As parents of four great kids, Tammy and I understand what really matters is the kind of New Jersey we have today -- and tomorrow.

Frankly, we are concerned about the state of our state.

So concerned, in fact, that last year we started an effort to get New Jersey moving again. Tens of thousands of you responded by participating in town halls, signing petitions, sharing ideas on how to get our economy moving again, speaking out on gun safety, lead remediation, and an economy that works for all of us.

We want to keep building on the energy, the ideas, and the optimism we've tapped into.

It's time to make New Jersey better for all of us.

That means growing the middle class by building a newer, smarter economy with good jobs that support a family; equal pay for equal work; a higher minimum wage; putting a college education back within the reach of anyone willing to work hard; protecting women's health care; and making every community safe from gun violence and lead poisoning.

And here's what this campaign is not about - serving the political insiders, because I don't owe them anything.

I've spent my life trying to fix problems and making people's lives better.

Growing up, our family lived paycheck to paycheck. I put myself through college and grad school. Then I built a successful career learning how economies grow and create jobs.

I worked hard, got lucky and was able to turn my full-time attention to giving back. I've helped lead charities for troubled teens and domestic abuse survivors.

I worked with Howard Dean to build a stronger national Democratic Party from the grassroots.

President Obama appointed me as our nation's ambassador to Germany where I served our country on issues from fighting terrorism to advocating for American businesses.

But this is your campaign.

It's time for a Governor who will have your back.

I will.

Thank you,

Phil Murphy

You can read more about Mr. Murphy's announcement HERE


Anonymous said...

3 things hit me when watching this:

(1) He plays off like he is not a political insider, yet he was: (A) the Democrat Party National Finance Chair for 4 years ... raising big money from the nation's biggest donors; and (b) he was appointed by Obama to an Ambassadorship (patronage positions) after running fund raisers for him and the Dems.

(2) I think he hit just about every vague Democrat talking point in this ad.

(3) We don't need another former Goldman Sachs President as our Governor. Corzine was enough. Although, maybe he can was at the Hillary speech to Goldman and can release the transcripts.

Anonymous said...

He's Corzine without the beard. Another limousine liberal who has no clue how to tame the out of control legislature. Besides, once Norcross gets through with him, he'll be running back to his polo pony faster than Bill Clinton to his viagra bottle.

Unafilliated said...

Anonymous 11:05 p.m.

Anything is better then this self serving, rump kissing ,slippery goon, the governor of this state. The Republican PARTY IS a disgrace and to date hasn't learned a thing ....... now they offer the voters a bucket of slick slime and crap for the office of President of the U.S.A......and that's the best they have ???????

Neither could tell the truth if life depended on it..

How about the lists of the Bridge Gate co-conspirators....wonder who they are trying to protect from a jail sentence....or how many. Can't wait to see that come down !

God Help and Save Us All From These Creatures !!!!