Monday, March 14, 2016

Did You Know...?

It recently came to my attention that Middletown is in the process of replacing all of the street signs throughout the Township.

Thousands of signs must be replaced to meeting state mandated standards. All printing must be of a certain font and size, the signs must all start with capital letters followed by lower case and all signs must be made of reflective material.

I can only imagine the cost of this project and how long it will take before completion. I understand that all street signs for township roads are created in-house. Therefore, the cost of making and replacing signs will spread out over the course of a few years at taxpayers expense.

Unfortunately, I've heard from a few residents that recently replaced signs in their area have had to be taken down and replaced already due to the fact that when made, the signs didn't meet state requirements.


Margie R. said...

Awwww poor town, but with upwards of $20,000 coming in a month from Trinity Hall "renting" our green acres space at Croydon Hall, how broke can we POSSIBLY be? Never mind that the town has over a million dollars waiting in the NJDEP coffers.

Anonymous said...

We will never be broke as long as the homeowners fork over that property tax payment every quarter.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Democrat legislature keeps dreaming up these rules that are then shoved down the taxpayers throats.

Anonymous said...

But, we have Republicans in the Legislature that are voting for these rules and a Republican Governor that signs them into law, making sure it stays down their throats with no chance of coming out.