Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chris Smith's Words Have Consequences

For Immediate Release:


D4CC calls for Chris Smith to cease using the fraudulent smear videos and hateful lies to spread his EXTREME agenda.

Eleven states have found no evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood and eight states declined to investigate. The only people who engaged in wrongdoing are the criminals behind the fraudulent videos.

We are glad they are being held accountable but Congressman Chris Smith NJ (R), Chair of the Congressional Pro Life Caucus, continues to use the videos as justification for pushing his anti-abortion agenda.

Smith's words have consequences.The rhetoric comparing Planned Parenthood to "baby killers" and murderers is what provoked the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado where three innocent people died and left six children without a parent.

As Chair of the Congressional Pro Life Caucus and an elected member of Congress, Smith has a responsibility to rule with integrity and honesty.

Chris Smith Speech on Roe v Wade Anniversary - 1/22/16

Recent undercover videos by Center for Medical Progress have exposed in numbing candor several high level Planned Parenthood leaders gleefully talking about procuring children’s organs for a price, all while altering gruesome dismemberment procedures to preserve “intact” livers, hearts and lungs from freshly killed babies.

Watch the videos yourself at

Learn more about Smith's Voting Record:

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Anonymous said...

If you saw the videos you would know that PP was selling baby parts. PP get 1/2 of it money from governments and spends some of its money on lobbyist to get more government money. Also PP contributes to the election of democratic politicians like Pallone. Abortion does kill babies.
Smith did not ask or command any one to hurt abortion providers PP does kill babies.

Also remember when PP claimed they did more than just kill unborn Americans, they claimed to do mammograms. It turns out there are no PP clinics licensed to do mammograms.

Bobbie said...

Anonymous, The Pro Life DA in Texas as well as 11 other Red States have cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrong doing. 8 States did not have enough evidence to investigate. The videos were heavily edited and made up. Planned Parenthood provides safe, legal abortion, which is legal in America. They also do more than any other organization to prevent abortion by providing sex ed and birth control to young women. Less unwanted pregnancy, less abortion. Blocking Sex Ed and Birth Control increases unwanted pregnancy. If you understood Mammograms, which it seems you do not. You would know that the first step is to feel the breast for lumps. If anything is felt, they send the patient out for a mammography at a facility that provides them. NO OBGYN HAS THAT EQUIPMENT. I happen to be going for a mammo today at a radiology facility. My OBGYN gave me the scrip after my check up. Your lack of understanding of how women's healthcare works can endanger women's lives.

Anonymous said...

Bobbie each abortion kills at least one person. Even in red states there are blue areas Austin , TX is very liberal.