Wednesday, December 23, 2015

UPDATE: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Middletown BOE Member By Fellow BOE Member; My Conversation with Vinnie Brand

Last October, just before the November elections, it came to light that an ethics complaint was filed against Middletown Board of Education member Joan Minnuies with the New Jersey School Ethics Commission by fellow board member Vinnie Brand (you can refresh your memories by referring back to my earlier posting on the subject ... HERE ).

Back in October when I wrote the post, Vinnie Brand mentioned to me that he had several other ethic complaints against Joan Minnuies yet to file. I've learned that those complaints have been filed (and confirmed with Brand) and are pending a hearing. What's interesting about this latest ethics filing is that Vinnie Brand's complaints have been endorsed and signed by the other 4 male members of the Middletown Board of Education against Joan Minnuies.

I don't have information about what the actual charges that were filed happen to be, but back in October Brand said that he had grounds to file several more, which at the time he cared not to specifically mention. And as of today, there has been no word from the New Jersey School Ethics Commission concerning the previously pending filed charges against Minnuies.

Stay tuned ...

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