Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NOTICE: Tax sale on December 29. Tax sale list finalized for publication as of Nov. 25.

Middletown Township will hold a sale of unpaid property taxes and sewer fees on Tuesday, December 29. The sale will include property taxes owed through the fourth quarter of 2015 and sewer fees owed through August, including accrued interest. (Typically, only sewer accounts with balances of more than $150 through the cut-off date are included in the sale.)

Middletown’s published tax sale notice will include accounts with balances as of Nov. 25, so residents have until the close of business that day to pay in full to avoid inclusion on the list. Due to the accelerated sale schedule, payments must be certified funds – either bank cashier check, money order, or cash.

Balances paid after Nov. 25 will include additional charges (from $40-$125 last year) for sale and publication. The last day to pay to avoid inclusion in the sale is typically the day beforehand. No payments will be accepted the day of the sale.

If you have questions about the property taxes you owe, contact the tax collector’s office at 732-615-2086. If you have questions about sewer fees, call TOMSA at 732-495-1010.

Middletown Township first held this type of accelerated sale in December 2010.

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Residents must remember to pay the town before making arrangements with Santa. Merry Christmas everyone.