Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Middletown Board of Education Election Results 2015

New comer Danielle Walsh (17.02%) was the top voter getter in yesterday's Board of Education elections easily topping the #2 & #3 vote getters, incumbents Joan Minnuies(16.11%) and James Cody(14.32%).

As a result of her win, Danielle Walsh unseated incumbent Leonora Caminiti from the BOE.

Interesting to note, former BOE member Chris Aveta lost for the 2nd time in a row, in his attempt to regain a seat on the Middletown Board of Education. Aveta had the lowest vote totals last night with 1320 votes (7.92%).  The next lowest vote getter was 18 year old Tom Ballard, who didn't campaign, had no election signs and is allegedly attending college out of state!

I would think that after this embarrassing loss, Aveta needs to pack it in. The people have spoken and they don't want him anywhere near the BOE.

My congratulations go out to the winners.


Tom Ballard said...

Hello Mike,
This is Tom Ballard, I just came across your post and I wish to let you know a couple of things. First, we did have a campaign Facebook page (link: also, I did have one election sign located on Leonardville Road during the campaign. Finally, I'm not sure who has allegedly stated that I attend college outside of the state, but in a piece that ran in The Two River Times (link: its states that not only do I attend school in the state, but I attend The College of New Jersey.
I hope this clears somethings up!

Tom Ballard

Michael Morris said...

Thanks for your input and clearing things up.

Michael Morris said...

Thanks for your input and clearing things up.