Tuesday, October 27, 2015

NJ Watchdog: Christie seeks comeback

It’s time for a reality check as Chris Christie prepares for the third GOP presidential debate on Wednesday.

The New Jersey governor’s dream of winning the White House looks more like a delusion. He is low on campaign cash, far behind in the polls and struggling for a way to flip his fortunes.

Once upon a time – two years ago next month, to be precise – Christie was riding on top of the Republican world. He was re-elected governor with 60 percent of the vote in a heavily Democratic state. In a CNN poll, he was the leading choice for president with 24 percent of GOP voters, nine points ahead of his nearest rival.

Now, Christie is scraping the bottom. He has dropped to 9th place in the polls with an average of 2.4 percent – one-tenth of the support he once enjoyed.

The story is online at http://watchdog.org/243998/christie-seeks-comeback/

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