Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Letter: Constitutional Rights Thrown Out The Window

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Dear Editor,

Under delusional Dictator Christie, the New Jersey State Supreme Court has thrown rule of law out the window. According to the court, our state constitution no longer applies.

In 2009, under State v. Pena Flores, the court found that the state constitution requires a higher standard than the federal constitution for a vehicle search to be conducted. This generally meant that as long as the car could be secured by the police, a warrant signed by a judge or the driver's voluntary consent was needed to conduct a search. Now under a new ruling, police can questionably claim probable cause to search, which can be something as unsubstantiated as alleged marijuana odor, possibly from lawful medical use anyway.

The state constitution hasn't changed, but our rights have been stolen from us. End the Christie Dictatorship and bring back rule of law to New Jersey.

Toms River

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