Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Cure Your Hangover

Need a hangover cure this morning after celebrating the coming of the New Year? Russ Mitchell and editor-at-large of "Men's Health" magazine Matt Bean discuss the best way to cure your New Year's hangover.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. How do I cure my election hangover from sheople voting for Obama?

My health care cost have gone up and now the insurance company pays only 80% until after I pay a few thousand dollars. Also my copay is 40 $ to see a doctor.

Ammunition prices are still high and America's most popular round 22lr is still scarce.

ISIS is on the verge of overrunning Iraq.

The Russians are flexing their muscles by flying bombers over our and our allies airspace.

And how about the 92,120,000 Americans who have dropped out of the workforce.

Or race relations our police are being targeted.

The cure for this hangover is not to vote for Socialist who promise free or universal anything. America is the greatest nation ever! DONT VOTE FOR ANY ONE WHO WANTS TO CHANGE AMERICA!
That is the cure for the Obama hangover.