Wednesday, January 14, 2015


(Trenton) – New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie argues that Chris Christie's fifth State of the State proves he is neglecting his gubernatorial responsibilities and losing touch with New Jersey.

"The governor spent almost 40 percent of last year traveling outside of New Jersey—an almost unbelievable 137 days,” said New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie. “Regardless of whether Governor Christie is hopping on a luxury jet to Texas or flying commercial to Wisconsin, it seems pretty clear that the public interest in New Jersey is the last thing on his mind. New Jersey families deserve a governor committed to hard work and sacrifice, and not someone chasing his selfish political aspirations."

In today's speech, the governor missed the opportunity to demonstrate a genuine interest in compromise, cooperation or contrition, and he showed little compassion for the families struggling in the poor economic environment that his policies continue to foster. The governor also failed to express remorse for abusing power and resources to selfishly and shameless promote the interests of his political donors and himself -- behavior that is prompting new investigations.

Unfortunately, the Christie record is one of neglecting Sandy survivors, shorting pensioners $2.4 billion, irresponsibly borrowing from the Transportation Trust Fund, and boosting property tax burdens, to name just a few of the Christie administration's numerous policy failures. Currie says that even though the governor has ensnared himself in legal and ethical scandals, he needs to do his job.

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