Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Watch Powerful Video - 2 Years Since Newtown - Nearly 100 School Shootings

District 4 Coalition for Change:

Nearly 100 School Shootings since the two year anniversary of Newtown, December 14, and Congress has done nothing to protect our children.

New Moms Demand Action Video - We Can't Hide from Gun Violence

What are we doing to our kids?
Gun Violence is homegrown terrorism and we do not need to live this way.

It's up to us. District 4 Congressman Chris Smith refuses to support expanded National Universal Background Checks. District 4 overwhelmingly supports UBC. Why won't Smith do his his job and represent this community.

Call Congressman Chris Smith and insist that he support current legislation to expand safe, common sense practices that protect our children.

Smith's office will tell you rhetoric about how he has supported gun reform which dates back 20 years. The things Smith voted for in the past are no longer relevant due to changes in the laws. Don't be fooled and intimidated by his assistant, Kate's attempt to confuse you. Tell Smith you want him to support a National Standard of Expanded Universal Background Checks.

DC (202)-225-3765


Anonymous said...

OMG this is so misleading even the anti 2nd amendment Bloomberg organization only had the audacity to lie and say there were 74 and most of those have already been debunked

please go to the link and read the truth.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile 4 kids under the age of 12 are killed by alcohol each day, a child is beat every 3 seconds, more kids are sent to an ER by falling down the stairs in the house and the list goes on.

omg, guns look so scary so we must ban them

when did the left become so devoid of logic? It's a losing platform so forget it

Anonymous said...

The face book page district 4 coalition for change is full of crap. They hold up the racist Margaret Sanger as a hero. Most of the crap they spread is from the organized crime organization planned parenthood. Planned parenthood gets 45% of its income from the government. They use some of that money to lobby the government for more money. they also contribute to politicians who will give them more money.