Friday, December 26, 2014

Pet License Renewal Update

From Middletown Alerts:

The Middletown Health Department Animal Control Division is pleased to announce an upgrade to the pet licensing system is nearly complete. Please note that dog license renewals will be mailed in the next few weeks. With this new system, residents will be able to submit some forms electronically. The upgrade will be rolled out in several phases, culminating in an on-line renewal option. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we work to improve this township service.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another increase in fees with a decline in service.

"License renewals will be mailed in the next few weeks." What about those of us who will be traveling with our pets and will need proof of licensing? The past two years, it took them 6-7 weeks AFTER receipt of my check to get me my license renewal. This year, it will be April before I get my license.

And fees are going up 25%. Holy cannoli.

Leonardo Reader