Wednesday, November 19, 2014

World Toilet Day

"2.5 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation, including toilets or latrines, with dramatic consequences on human health, dignity and security, the environment, and social and economic development."

World Toilet Day is a day to take action. It is a day to raise awareness about all people who do not have access to a toilet - despite the human right to water and sanitation.

It is a day to do something about it.

Of the world’s seven billion people, 2.5 billion people do not have improved sanitation. 1 billion people still defecate in the open. Women and girls risk rape and abuse because they have no toilet that offers privacy.

We cannot accept this situation. Sanitation is a global development priority. This is why the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 designated 19 November as World Toilet Day. This day had previously been marked by international and civil society organizations all over the world but was was not formally recognized as an official UN day until 2013. World Toilet Day is coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with Governments and relevant stakeholders.


Anonymous said...

who cares when so many Americans are out of work due to failed policies and political agendas?

Anonymous said...

Bet anon 5:39 is one of the crazies about EBOLA !! What do you think causes such epidemics ??? Lack of sanitation aids the spread of disease !!

Get real for a change and stop the crap about politics....disease affects all people (regardless of political affiliation) and that's really a concern.

Shove your political agenda up your posterior !!

Anonymous said...

This is 1 reason why immigrants from the third world who have left their stone age cultures should try to become Americans. America in less than 200 years put a man on the moon mean while in the third world they are urinating in their drinking water. All cultures are not equal. Do you know in the middle east camel urine is drunk as a medicine? Speaking of epidemics maybe it would be wise to try to keep immigration from third world countries to a minimum, thanks Obama for Enterovirus D68, Chagas Disease, leprosy, malaria, and other illnesses historically rare in the US that are becoming more prevalent because of Third World immigration

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:24,

Get real !1 Education is the answer and we cannot control what goes on in every country on the face of this earth, nor can we support the whole world ,and we cannot blame this president for everything WRONG WITH TODAY"S WORLD !!

It's a shame that your prospective is to find fault and blame rather to show some common sense and reason. In fact it is downright outraging to listen to the crap you are spewing because you have an axe to grind that's sounds racist and bigoted. You lack facts in your preposterous tirade. Guess you need some kind of scapegoat so Obama is your target !

Grow up or is the problem you've been drinking too much of your own urine and you are delirious ??

Anonymous said...

World toilet day sounds like an attempt to fix what goes on in every country on the face of this earth.

Do you think Obama's amnesty decree last night will slow down or encourage the invaders who are coming here illegally? Do you deny that many are sick and carrying diseases?
Here is a link from common sense

And as much as you liberals like to defend Islam here is an Islamic Q&A site defending and recommending drinking camel urine

What fact am i wrong about?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:00 p.m.,

You are out of your mind with whatever hatred you harbor of everybody and everything ! Think you need a psychological evaluation by a decent doctor !!!!

Maybe even some time in a mental health facility !!

Anonymous said...

agree anon 7:00

Anonymous said...

Another sicko,anon 9:28a.m..

You both need mental help !!

Anonymous said...

anon 11:34 showing the depth of the liberal mind I see

Anonymous said...

anon 10:10.... certainly beats what you exhibit and that's a very sick mind that needs serious remediation and medical psychological help !

Not surprising from the likes of you far right wingers that are motivated by hatred and not smart enough to see consequences that have nothing to do with politics!

Anonymous said...

Annon 1:24 and 7:00 pm. My attackers can not point out a single falsehood in what i wrote. They are accusing my of hate and mental illness. This is more proof of the liberal war on reality. They hate truth so to them truth sounds like hate

Anonymous said...

What do you have for brains anon 8:19 a.m., scrambled eggs ?? You don't make rational sense !

Just another bigoted and racist idiot spewing hatred !

Feel better now ????? Got your rocks off ???

Anonymous said...

Annon 3:39 PM Accuses me of having scrambled eggs for brains, being racist, not making sense and spewing hatred in response to me asking what falsehood I had written. This is typical liberal behavior start calling someone the very thing that the liberal is. I pointed out people from other cultures without toilets should adopt the American / western culture that developed toilets if they come here. They should strive to learn English. Our ancestors learned English and assimilated into the culture, I believe the immigrants of today are smart enough to do the same. Liberals on the other hand have changed our culture so that students must be taught in what ever language was spoken in what ever place they came from.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like that nut case, Hafner's BS !!!

High again ???