Monday, November 10, 2014

Sore Winner Twitter Troll Fiore, Has No Class In Winning

It never ceases to amaze me how two-bit politicians continually get elected to offices that they have no right to hold. Condescending, nasty, arrogant, mean-spirited, "I know better than you know" jerks who's only qualifications to hold office is their membership in and loyalties to the political party. A political party that wants to control and dominate it's minions so that dissent is not an option and it's bidding is done. When this happens, you get public servants like Middletown's Tony Fiore, that think they are above it all and can act, do or say anything they want because there is no one to hold them accountable for their actions.

Case in point.

Shortly after the results of last Tuesday's election were known, Middletown's newly reelected committeeman Tony Fiore felt compelled to send me the below tweet from his Twitter account, which just so happened to be retweeted (shared, to use a Facebook term) by Stephanie Murray (who I can only assume thought it was cute and funny) and a few other of Fiore's Twitter followers.

I don't take kindly to those that act all smug and condescending, especially when someone like Fiore, who has very little personal class and is the poster boy for arrogance and rudeness, thinks he's being clever by sending out an asinine comment that the whole world can see. It really showed what a sore winner he was and how classless he is. So, being the type of person that I am, I couldn't allow Fiore's tweet to go unanswered and responded in kind.

Of course we all know that no good response goes unanswered, so true to form Tony Fiore was compelled to response by calling my blog "smut". Now, you can call me anything you want but to refer to this blog as smut is offensive to me. I've never posted anything to this blog that could be even remotely considered smut.

So, I countered by alluding to a certain local Republican blogger who revels in smut, character assassination, innuendo and bad taste (and once even tried to defend the use of the "N" word), who seems to be the Middletown and Monmouth County Republicans favorite source to decimate falsehoods and propaganda against their rivals in exchange for a little financial support.  

At this point in the thread of comments I suppose Tony  had nothing clever left to say and wished me to" Have a great day!!!". I personally think that he may have started to become leery of others who were picking up on the Twitter conversation and were now starting to comment on his self important demeanor and condescension. Here are just a few:

  • Jjf07748 - Grow up. civil servants are held to a higher standard. Try & act like u should be in that office.
  • Pauline Hynes - Wow this is how Tony Fiore views his constituents. Interesting that this is the sentiment ...
  • SayNo2Trinity - Small-minded people are easily threatened.

I ended with the last word of course but this whole exchange just shows you how little regard Tony Fiore has for Middletown residents. Yeah, he and Murray won reelection by a couple thousand votes that the Republicans in Middletown seem to win by every year no matter the turn out. Because of the Republican dominance in local elections and voter apathy, they take Middletown voters for granted and feel that no one is paying attention anyway so they can do, act or say nearly anything they wish, without having to answer to anyone. It's a sad state knowing that  40% or more of Middletown residents (both Democrats and Republicans) are overlooked by the likes of Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray on the Township Committee. It's even sadder knowing that they don't really care either.

So if  Tony Fiore, Stephanie Murray,Steve Massell, Gerry Scharfenberger or Kevin Settembrino don't like it when someone holds them accountable for their words or actions, Too Bad! You were elected to represent every resident of Middletown not just the ones that voted for you.

Middletown is our town just as much as it is theirs!


Anonymous said...


Take a page from Mark Twain:

"Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't we also expect class and intelligent discussion out of a blogger?

You can dish it out but you can't take it, huh Mike?

Michael Morris said...

I'm a big boy and can take anything that's dished out. I however, am not an elected official. Those elected to serve are held to a much higher standard. And expectations.

Margie said...

If what you say is true, if we held our officials to higher standards, NOT ONE OF US who are Republican in this town would have reelected this man. NOT ONE. I am embarrassed for my town, and for my political party. You would think this man would learn, but he does not. Some day, the collection of screen shots, sound bytes, and general ill feelings that are out there about him will hopefully come together one day, and people in this town will see him for who he truly is: mean-spirited, vindictive, uncouth, manipulative, and foolish.

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain also said that we have the best goverment that money can buy. Anyone who doubts the truth of that need only look at the current crop in Middletown.

Anonymous said...

not surprising. i received an email that monmouth county tax commissioner and republican leader Wayne Pomanowski is making donations to corrupt politicans using fake names to avoid elec reporting and it looks true. go to nj elec and search for "Peter Farrell" youll find a $500 dollar donation was made to albert countinho with the fake name of mr pomanowskis deceased grandfather but his same business mailing address 554 morristown rd matawan nj. coutinho got caught stealing from a charity what else are the republicans hiding?

Anonymous said...

not surprising. i received an email that monmouth county tax commissioner and republican leader Wayne Pomanowski is making donations to corrupt politicans using fake names to avoid elec reporting and it looks true. go to nj elec and search for "Peter Farrell" youll find a $500 dollar donation was made to albert countinho with the fake name of mr pomanowskis deceased grandfather but his same business mailing address 554 morristown rd matawan nj. coutinho got caught stealing from a charity what else are the republicans hiding?

Lisa J. said...

Reminds me of the bully in the Governor's mansion.

Lisa J. said...

Reminds me of the bully in the Governor's mansion. These are the "elected" officials that have really brought chaos and ruin to the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

To me, that choice to take on a combative personally insulting demenour during a civil discourse is a calculated choice. Part of the "win ugly" campaign.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the example set by our president who said to republicans "I won"
or this great line from Obama" or if you dont like it go it and win some elections" Obama is the most arrogant president in history. Remember his oceans began to slow speech.

Michael Morris said...

Oh Please....

What about Bush's "Mission Accomplished" BS and his famous " I've won me some political capital" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I would respectfully suggest you go back to 'Bush's mission accomplished' and learn what happened there. It's akin to 'I can see Russia from my window' and how the liberal press distorts the accuracy of what is said and done. The sign behind Bush was for the carrier mission and not the war but what are facts.

Speaking of facts, you have posted in support of your view of the mayor a comment by sayno2trinity. Have you seen her FB page and the antisemitic rants there? Do you support that as well? I saw your twitter and someone posted this there so I looked and!!!!!

Independent, White and an Obama Supporter said...

These asinine Republicans , in Middletown, in Trenton. or Washington,D.C. are as ignorant as hell of the real world. Their sole agenda was to thwart a black man that had won the White House.

What a sad state of affairs in today's society. God help us all if this biased ,bigoted,racist attitude prevails in this country........makes one feel that politics in this country is so sick it is terminally ill !!

This president has restored our economy, saved the auto manufacturing industry, the stock market is higher than ever before. passed the national healthcare act and the Republican bastards in Congress continue THEIR ASSAULT on OUR COUNTRY( because that is what their actions do) .for what legitimate reason ? There is NONE !!

THEY SHOULD ALL BE TARRED AND FEATHERED and thrown out of office and that day will come. Maybe their actions should be considered treason. .None of them put their country before their selfish politics. If BULL SH#T was money they would all be rich !!!

Bush and Cheney did nothing constructive in eight years and committed this country to a war that still rages to some degree in a region that will always have problems because religious wars never end. They never have and they never will.

Anonymous said...

Bush didn't say mission accomplished
The ships crew put up a banner that said mission accomplished. The media is so overwhelmingly democratic that Americans are becoming cynical. Obama made his 57 states and "my Muslim faith" comments before his first election. That would have ended the political career of a republican. Yes Obama did say he was Muslim and the interviewer corrected him. When Obama was running in 2012 he kept saying "I ended the war" Just in time for his election now he is lying about no boots on the ground. If there was an unbiased media the democrats would be held to the same standards as republicans and America would be in better shape!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:53a.m.,

Turn on Fox News and then tell us about biased media !!!! You have got to be kidding !! That's the supreme republican media crap station, full of sh*t and twice as nasty!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think some people confuse Foxnews with the commentary but if you need to know the truth, PBS did a study backed by gov't funds on accuracy and guess who won; Foxnews

anon 11:51 must be smoking crack. Take a look dems, that is who makes your party up.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57,

The comment at 11:51 is right on the money and you can't stand the truth !
That person was unaffiliated and very informed.

The comment at 11:53 was surely made by some Republican !

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Mikey...

If you are REALLY interested in civil discourse, if you REALLY want political conversation on the internet to be worthwhile, you really need to start with yourself.

The "halloween mask" thing and the constant attacks on members of the TC, as well as the ridiculous accusations and statements made (and not refuted by you) by your supporters here, directly led to TC member Fiore taunting you a little bit on election night.

You spend the majority of your time here taunting him and the others on the TC - why shouldn't you expect to get some back?

"Hold an elected official to a higher standard?" Maybe, but not to an impossible one. Clearly the citizens of Middletown pay very little attention to this blog and to your twitter account.

So put some big boy pants on and move on...

Anonymous said...

If the members of the Middletown TC began to treat the citizens of this town with respect maybe the citizens of this community could have some respect for them. That seems an impossible task for the likes of Fiore, Murray and Scharfenberger !!
Nothing but petty little dictators just a bit too big for their britches !

Respect is earned not demanded !!!

Go back to selling real estate or your political appointment . Your views are just that....your views . Anon 7;45 !!!

Keep up the great work, Mike !!

Anonymous said...

Mike sure has your attention 7:45 a.m.
You are on this blog every day....doesn't the APP want to print your verbosity without a name ?

Had more phony names than all others collectively !!

Anonymous said...

People with something to hide, are usually really good at shooting their mouths off. It's the old -'the best defense is a good offense strategy".

Speaking of something to hide, I found the article about Trinity Hall in this week's Indendent rather interesting. It is clear that the planning board did all they could to keep the public from knowing about, and therefore, opposing the approval.
Seems they practically left skid marks in their zeal to approve this thing as soon as the election was decided. Makes you wonder exactly whose interests are really being represented.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:54

I guess the citizens of this town show the "disrespect" they have for the members of the TC by voting for them again and again by overwhelming majorities, huh?


What color is the sky on your world? Ours is blue here...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09 !!

Middletown would be a much better place were it not for arrogant ,trouble making , barking bitches running loose......

Anonymous said...

Christie got 67% of the vote in Middletown, the best you guys can do is 60%, and you live here. And it's the same 60% year after year because people do not pay attention to local politics. You put up different candidates and the numbers are always the same. People unfortunately vote along party lines. You could put Skippy the Wonder Chimp on the ballot with an "R" after his name and you guys would still get 60% of the vote.
But this isn't about whether or not this is a heavily Republican town, that's a given. It's about one of your guys childishly going out of his way to antagonize someone publicly after winning an election. Who does that?

It just shows he has a lack of class.

Tony, get over yourself, you're a small time politician reaping the rewards of your geography, nothing more.

Try to remember the next time you are tempted to act like an ass that you could easily be replaced by a chimp.

Anonymous said...

Bravo,Anon 3:24 p.m. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's where your confusion has been!

It's YOU guys who keep running Skippy the Wonder Chimp for Township Committee...

Seriously? You really think that you're winning some "points" by boldly stating "you guys can't get more than 60% of the vote..." LOL

This whole thing is about Mikey getting his nose out of joint because someone responded to his flaming them on his blog by tweeting a tweak at him after the election.

Mr. Fiore has the right to express himself as he sees fit. It was innocuous, and it was tame compared to Mike's provocations.

You don't like it? Don't vote for Mr. Fiore if he runs for re-election in a few years.

Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's all try and figure out how many of these anonymous posts are Fiore supporting himself? The same Fiore who swears he never reads Mike's blog?
Oh and to this fool:
"Speaking of facts, you have posted in support of your view of the mayor a comment by sayno2trinity. Have you seen her FB page and the antisemitic rants there? Do you support that as well? I saw your twitter and someone posted this there so I looked and!!!!!

November 12, 2014 at 11:38 AM"

I say post ONE tweet that you read there that shows what you speak of, JUST ONE--you can't find any? Yes that's correct. Do you know what someone who is an antisemitic is? No? It's a person against Jews. Jews. Tell me how a person being against land overdevelopment, and the building of an all girls' school in the 'Catholic tradition" is against Jews. YOU are an ass. And I bet you KNOW the meaning of that word.

Anonymous said...

I never said that you can't get more than 60% of the vote. Twisting my words and putting quotation marks around your words does not make them my words.

Learn how to read.

Seriously. LOL.

I could attempt to have you understand my point with further clarification, but continuing a discussion with someone who can't read and comprehend would make both of us fools.

Anonymous said...

The post at 9:08( also 7:45 a.m.) is exactly the slant and condescension always take by Scharfey " cheerleader," ,the republican village scold , from the Lincroft section !!

When dies she learn this blog belongs to a Democrat, it's followers are Democrats and Independents that want something better than what is offered by the arrogant Republican punks currently comprising government in Middletown. Who in hell does she think she's talking down to all the time ??????

Don't like what you see on this blog, go shoot your mouth off on your pal, Gallagher's blog where you'll find like minded AH's...full of sh#t just like you, anon 9:08 !!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiore and Murray made fools of themselves at the candidates forum sponsored by the LVGA before the election.

If those two had any class they would realize just how absurd their behavior was for "elected officials".

More like errant teenagers not adults !! Ignorance personified !!

Want to be respected ?? Begin by showing the people of this township some respect. THEY PAY THE BILLS regardless of party affiliation !!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:43 a.m.,

Look in the mirror ....what do you see.... an arrogant,stupid,know it all and ignorant, FOOL! And too dumb to know it !!

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and boy are you it !!

Anonymous said...

It's good o know that Mike's blog is a place where I can get a message to all of Middletown's Democrats - all 14 of you!


I hope there weren't too many big words in that sentence for you. I want you to be able to understand me when I insult you...

Anonymous said...

The haughty AH commenting at 10:53,

Just for your information there were 6187 registered voters that voted for the democrats in this last election . It is probably safe to assume they were Democrats. People tend to vote party lines !! That's 6173 more than you counted, but that's O.K., we don't want anything to do with your kind anyway !!!!!

Guess you,as usual, don't know what your are talking about self serving and arrogant, antagonistic idiot whom Peter should muzzle for the good of this town.....

Anonymous said...

I think this exchange has just about run its course.

No one, not even his supporters (most likely including Tony himself), is suggesting that Mr. Fiore actually has any class.

All they are doing is reminding us why he doesn't NEED any class to win an election in Middletown.

It is probably a point well taken. Just look at the facts. Fiore wins elections and he has no class.

Of the last four candidates that the Republicans had on the ballot in Middletown, going back to the last election, the lowest percentage received by any Republican candidate was around 30%. It's the default baseline of straight party line Republican voters here, 30%. Tony Fiore received 30% in this last election. Of the four candidates, none received less votes that Tony.

He is like a starting pitcher with a losing record on a winning team.

The problem is that he thinks he is the MVP.