Saturday, November 22, 2014

President Obama's Weekly Address 11/22/14: Immigration Accountability Executive Action

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President laid out the steps he took this past week to fix our broken immigration system. Enacted within his legal authority, the President’s plan focuses on cracking down on illegal immigration at the border; deporting felons, not families; and accountability through criminal background checks and taxes. These are commonsense steps, but only Congress can finish the job. As the President acts, he’ll continue to work with Congress on a comprehensive, bipartisan bill -- like the one passed by the Senate more than a year ago -- that can replace these actions and fix the whole system.


Anonymous said...

what an absolute disgrace

Every union ought to vote republican now

Anonymous said...

When our ancestors came here they were forced to work and faced discrimination. There was no welfare. When these fence jumpers become citizens they will work at low paying jobs and be entitled to welfare, WIC food stamps etc etc. They will not help the economy grow but may help grow the democratic party. Our only hope is that the fence jumpers will have some decency and reject the filth and perversion that the democrats are trying to shove down all our throats.

The legislative branch writes laws not the president! This is a big power grab by Obama.
And this new amnesty will encourage more illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your ancestors should have been deported and we would not have to view your idiotic bull sh*t !!!

Somebody should check you for fleas!