Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Monmouth County SPCA Opens New Adoption Center In Middletown

Isn't hypocritical of Middletown's Mayor Stephanie Murray to attend the grand opening of the new Monmouth County SPCA Adoption Center in Middletown after dissolving the Middletown Human Rights Commission(MHRC) a number of months back?

Murray and the members of the Township Committee who voted to dissolve the MHRC at the time, stated it was inappropriate for the MHRC to collect and donated pet food for MCSPCA animals. Murray and friends sited the pet food drive as a main reason why the Township Committee was dissolving the MHRC, even though at the time, the food drive was a project that was approved by and was a joint venture with then Mayor Brightbill.

From the Asbury Park Press:
With a goal to find homes for 50 homeless animals, the Monmouth County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is holding a grand opening celebration and open house Nov. 15 for their new adoption center in Middletown.

The adoption center will be at the Petco, 1391 Route 35, according to a news release. The center joins existing MCSPCA Homeward Bound Adoption centers at 260 Wall St., Eatontown, and at the Freehold Raceway Mall at 3710 Route 9, Freehold.

"We are proud to partner with Petco to open our newest adoption center, which will be more convenient for potential adopters in Northern Monmouth County and significantly expand our adoption outreach efforts," said Jerry Rosenthal, president and CEO of the Monmouth County SPCA in a prepared statement. "Our goal is to do approximately 75 adoptions per month at the new Middletown Adoption Center, which will help us expand our ability to find even more forever homes for the animals in need in our community."

The Monmouth County SPCA aims to care for the community's homeless, neglected and abused animals and enforce animal cruelty laws.

Grand opening festivities will include a 10 a.m. ribbon cutting ceremony, a 50-50 raffle, giveaways, refreshments and appearances by Sen. Joe Kyrillos and Middletown Mayor Stephanie C. Murray....

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Anonymous said...

what does middletown need a human rights center for anyway?????

please people, grow up and put things into perspective please

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:52 p.m.,

Do you really think this town DOES NOT NEED A HUMAN RIGHTS Committee ????

Think again because a lot of people in Middletown are discriminated against...for lots of sick reasons !!! The color of your skin, the political party affiliation you have,the part of town you live in, if you dissent with the current bunch of punks on the TC ,if you support the dissenters,and on and on.....

Just read the low life nonsense the republicans post on this blog (and we know who many of you are).

Do we need a Human Rights Committee? You can bet your life we do !!!!

Anonymous said...

The issue isn't whether-or-not a Human Rights Commission is necessary. The issue is the hypocrisy that Murray demonstrated based upon a statement she made when voting to disband the Commission.

Anonymous said...

I hope the appearance of Kyrillos and Murray doesn't deter animal lovers from coming out to support the pets.

Anonymous said...

The people who face discrimination today are whites and Asians. When your child answers all the race questions on an application to go to college do you think it is to discriminate against blacks and Latinos? A white family was attacked by a busload of people for not moving to the back of a bus. If it was a black family attacked by a bus load of whites it would be front page news across the country. Here is a link

Anonymous said...

This article is about Animal Rights, not Human Rights. The members of the public might be treated like animals at some meetings, but this is not about adopting people. It is about adopting animals.

Anonymous said...

The article and the comments also draw attention to Murray's hypocrisy !!!!

About time these hypocrites were held accountable for their despicable behavior towards the PEOPLE who live in this community !!! ALL OF THE PEOPLE...over 70.000 people who should all be shown some respect if they ( the TC )expect it in return !!!