Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Local 2014 Election Results

Middletown Township Committee:

Middletown Board of Education:


Anonymous said...

Please note that 5,651 less voters took the time to vote in the school elections !

It is hard to comprehend that those voters do not take the time or do not care about the very part of government that spends nearly two thirds of our tax dollars. The people who are entrusted with the education of our children and allocating the funds to do that job do deserve to be vetted, elected and then supported.

How do we account for such outrageous neglect and then find fault and criticize ??

Citizenship has responsibility for each and everyone of us.

Michael Morris said...

Anon 4:20,

I agree with your premise, however just because there were 5000 less votes cast doesn't mean 5000 fewer voters voted.

I think many people bullet voted and may have vote for only 1 or 2 if the candidates, not all 3.

Anonymous said...

The total number of votes cast for all candidates are reflected in the data presented. That does not mean 29,088 voters came to the polls. It is safe to say that the 8,9180 voters that voted for Murray also voted for Fiore. The 5,778 voters that voted for Short also voted for Mardinly.
Because there were more BoE candidates the pool of voters were spread across them making it look like less votes were cast for BoE candidates than the TC candidates.