Friday, November 21, 2014

Letter: New Jersey's Legal System Overburdened By Non-Violent Crime

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Dear Editor,

New Jersey's legal system faces an overload of offenders accused of minor non-violent crimes.

While diversionary programs offer a method for a first-time offender to avoid a formal conviction, these programs do nothing to substantially reduce the caseload.

Under the British criminal justice system. police can give an adult a formal warning called a "caution", ordering they not re-offend in lieu of criminal prosecution, with their agreement. Cautions self-expunge after six years for adults and two years for juveniles.

If you're out for a night in London and get caught with a small amount of cannabis, cocaine or MDMA, you'd likely be issued a caution and sent on your way.

In New Jersey, you'd likely become a convicted felon, placed on probation with substantial fines.

Especially because we are a tourism dependent state, New Jersey should follow the British system and issues cautions instead of convictions for minor crimes.



Anonymous said...

That is because everyone is offended and we are overly regulated. Just about everything we do is a crime today. We are now number 20 on 'people who are free' and still falling. The single biggest jump occurred under Obama but it's been happening since Carter.

Anonymous said...

Better idea go to London. They have more socialism and you would be happier. I use to wonder if liberals have ever read 1984 or Brave new world now i think they use them as a guide book. Instead of soma they want cannabis, cocaine and MDMA. And since so many people will be so drug addled it will an excuse for even more government intervention in our lives.
If you do want to become a convicted felon, placed on probation and pay substantial fines don't take drugs.