Saturday, November 8, 2014

Letter: Monmouth County Election Results Are A Concern

Dear Editor,

I am concerned about the integrity of the election results in the Monmouth County Freeholder's race.

On election night, Monmouth County Clerk Claire French (R) delayed results of the Freeholder's race due to alleged technical problems, that allegedly required the voting machine cartridges to be brought back to the County Clerk's office for reading.

It is highly suspicious to see these kinds of "technical errors" occur in a hotly contested race, especially where the Republican candidates were accused of collusion with former Manalapan Mayor and now convicted felon, Andrew Lucas in a corrupt land deal that resulted in Mr. Lucas being given county funds. The reported results were extremely close, but resulted in a victory for the Republican candidates.

I am calling on the FBI to do a full investigation and audit into these questionable results to ensure there was no falsification of results in favor of Republican candidates.

Freeholder Lillian Burry (R) has been accused of serious corruption involving both the Lucas farm land deal and Brookdale Community College (where the college president is now incarcerated). It would be far from surprising if she was willing to have her party tamper with votes, to maintain power.

We cannot forget the confirmed corruption of the Monmouth County Republican Party that came to light in the Bid Rig investigations.

Eric Hafner
Toms River


Anonymous said...

The Middletown Planning Board apparently approved the Trinity Hall proposal on Nov. 5, one day after the election. Our politicians know full well that the electorate is mostly uninformed and apathetic so they no longer even care about the appearance of impropriety- it is now displayed loudly and proudly. They may as well have a sign attached to their backs- "Bought and Paid For".

INDEPENDENT and Disgusted said...

Mr Hafner,

Before you sling around comments about corruption you should get your facts straight. The Bid Rig scandal found corruption in both parties in Monmouth County and both Republicans and Democrats were jailed for their transgressions !!!

Perhaps you need a time out for a little education before you make anymore outrageous innuendos about anybody or anything. A vicious tongue serves no one !!!

Anonymous said...

The results weren't even close at all. This is a ridiculous charge!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hafner makes a good point. Something is odd about this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Hafner. An investigation is warranted. In 2012, absentee ballot counts for two Middletown districts were dumped 100% into the Republican bucket. Should we say "so what?" to that too simply because it wasn't enough to change the outcome? If ANY fraud exists in the process, it can exist throughout. Let's also keep in mind that the Republican party has gotten the first column position on the ballot in Middletown for, like, 30 out of the last 35 years, if not more. The probability of that happening in a fair capsule drawing are pretty much nil.

Anonymous said...

There are two things that I can always set my watch by come November- Daylight Savings Time and the election day "glitches" that take place in Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please tell me what the glitches in the Monmouth County Clerk's office and the voting machine problem have to do with the Trinity Hall and Middletown Planning Board's approval of that application !!!

Mr Hafner has an opinion about just about everything today as his constant letters appear daily. No matter the subject, he has an opinion.


In the meantime he should be careful about his vicious tongue unless he's prepared to defend himself against his defamation of those he rants about with his loose slander.

BTW, doesn't this man live in Toms River ? Maybe he knows something about those missing Middletown BOE signs too !!

Anonymous said...

Is Mr. Hafner not entitled to have opinions about everything? And whether he chooses to run for office is entirely his own business. In the meantime, if he chooses to question the integrity of public officials he is well within his constitutional rights. Defamation against a public official is a very high bar indeed. Not only must the charges be untrue, but one must prove actual malice. I do wonder about the individual who posts under two separate names with the "vicious tongue" rant-why are you so threatened by Mr. Hafner's letter?

Anonymous said...

anon you even have a clue what you are talking about?

as for the results of the election and this article's charge, what is the author smoking?

Anonymous said...

In the Freeholder's race it was a 6% victory.

In Middletown it was a 22% drubbing.

Where in hell does the Hafner guy get "a close race" from?

Work hard, find good candidates and maybe one day your "side" will win...

Anonymous said...

This Hafner guy is a blubbering nut case ! When he makes accusations he should be sure of what he talking about.....not all of of the political statements he makes have any basis in fact.

Even Christopher Christie was sued for defamation and LOST !!! Anon 9:49 p.m.!!

All of us are entitled to our opinions but we are not entitled to try to impose them on others. That's what this character is trying to do. He ought to be certain of his facts before he shoots his BIG mouth off !!

As has been said before "a vicious tongue serves no one".

Anonymous said...

Close? Just like New Jersey and Alaska... Hahahaha

And let me guess, Connely stole the election in Eatontown too.

You guys are so out of touch- AMERICA HATES OBAMA

Anonymous said...

Don't think Christie lost a defamation suit against a public official- I believe he settled in both the cases I am aware of. And as he was a public official himself, you are hardly on point with your comparisons.

And someone who is quick to toss around threats of defamation loses a lot of credibility when they call a private citizen a "blubbering nut case".

I do think private citizens are more than entitled to impose their views on anyone they wish as long as violence is not involved. Ever hear of the editorial pages?

Gee, I wonder who could be so threatened by Mr. Hafner's exercise of free speech?

Anonymous said...

I may not agree with Mr. Hafner on everything but he takes names and gets answers. its sad to see republicans stooping so low to making stupid legal threats in blog comments. if he werent right they would sue lol

Anonymous said...

No one, private citizen or public servant, is entitled to impose their views on anyone and no one has indicated they are threatened by this guy. Many do not agree with his agenda and have said so. No one has made any stupid legal threats either. Are you sure you are dealing with a full deck or are you just looking for an argument? What about everyone's exercise of free speech when disagreeing with him?

Furthermore the election in Eatontown is subject to a recount according to both candidates statements. The result is pending !!
Anon 5:41....maybe the word is blabbering not blubbering, either way Hafner is not entitled to his own facts when he attacks anyone. He is responsible for what he does say. Makes you wonder just what his real agenda is........

Anonymous said...

How, specifically, is the author of this letter, imposing his views? By your warped definition, the mere voicing of dissent is considered an actionable offense. Sounds like you are backtracking a bit-someone has made insinuations of legal action...someone who knows better how silly that is, but hopes to shut down public criticism... Now who could that be?

Anonymous said...

it doesnt look like the writer is saying that any results were actually tampered with; but rather playing devils advocate and demanding transparency that isnt currently in place. if the results were to be tampered with would we have any way to know? he raises that question and for that i saulte him

Anonymous said...

On the front page of today's Asbury Park Press is an article that states the glitch with the voting machines in Monmouth County was caused by the lap tops used to read results.

Human error and technical failure.

The innuendos are not correct and maybe recognizing that is needed here.....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it should be noted that the writer has had problems in Middletown and a court appearance a couple of years ago regarding possession of marijuana. Seems he has a medical condition that could be helped if N.J.'s laws were more accommodating.

Could this explain his campaign and venom against government and it's jurisdictions ??

Anonymous said...

The article in the paper also says that the newly purchased laptops needed to be upgraded and the old software was not removed first. Why would a new laptop need to be upgraded? It should have been delivered with the correct version of software, or no software at all, to read the voting machines.

When a software company issues an upgrade it usually comes with instructions. If the old version had to be removed, the instructions would have stated this. Someone is not doing their job and the people are the brunt of their incompetence.