Thursday, October 30, 2014

Patrick Short's Opening Comments From LVGA Candidate's Forum

Several days ago the Lincroft Village Green Association(LVGA) held its Meet the Candidate Night at the Lincroft Village School. Former Middletown Township Committeeman Patrick Short, who is seeking to regain a seat on the Township Committee this coming Tuesday, couldn't be there that evening because of a previous,  work related commitment.  The LVGA and the League of Women Voters, who moderated the evening, allowed him to submit an opening and closing statement.  

For those who don't know who Patrick Short is and would like to know a little more about him before heading into the voting booth on Tuesday, should read his comments below. It's easy to see that Short is highly qualified and deserves to be elected to the Township Committee, along with his running mate George Mardinly:

I am very sorry that I cannot be with you this evening. Let me introduce myself to those who do not know me.
Patrich Short

I am Patrick Short and I am running for Middletown Township Committee. I am a graduate of West Point, am highly educated with three (3) Master degrees, and have taught economics at the college level. But, what I cherish most is the high dose of common sense that I received from my parents. And, it is this common sense that keeps me grounded and helps me make decisions.
I was taught to serve. To give. Not take. I served my country, as a career Army officer. I have served my community and have been recognized by the State of New Jersey for my community service. I have served Middletown, being elected to the Committee in 2006; I was the only elected official in the State of New Jersey to not take Health benefits, to not enroll into the Pension program, and in my last year in office, to not take a salary. All I wanted to do was server. And, that is what I did. I served. I gave and never took.

When I was elected to Middletown Township Committee in 2006, I was the first person of a different party elected in 18 years. And, today the Town is back to one party rule. That is why I am running for Township Committee. I do not believe in one party rule. I don’t care if it is all Republicans or if it is all Democrats, one party rule is not the best form of government. You see, I believe in diversity, creative thought, discussion, and exchange. This is what takes place when both parties are represented and this is what produces the best ideas and solutions.

With a two party system, you have a better chance of your voice being heard. You have a better chance of your interests being addressed. And, with a two party system you, have a better chance of checks and balance and someone who will ask the questions that are not being asked.

So, if you want your voice to be heard. If you want your interests to be addressed, and if you want someone who will ask the questions that are not being asked, to oversee what we buy, why we buy, and how we buy, to ensure that your tax dollars are spent effectively and most efficiently; if you want someone who will give and not take from the system … then I am you guy for Township Committee,

… Patrick Short.


Carolyn Schwebel said...

Yes,yes. Patrick, you are our guy!
Mike, thanks for posting this, as it was not read loudly enough at the meeting. I'm happy that it was part of the meeting, despite T. Fiore's spoil-sport protests.

jcs said...

I submitted a question to the forum that was not used and would still like to hear an explanation: Why are all the votes of the Middletown Township Committee 5 - 0 ?
Are there illegal meetings (re OPMA "sunshine") to coordinate the votes or are they just following the puppeteer's strings?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Mike...all I can say is WOW!

Barbara R.Thorpe said...

Yes, Patrick is "our guy" and George also deserves election in this town.

Bipartisan government would be much healthier and that was very clear at the LVGA candidates forum last week.

The conduct of Murray and Fiore was outrageous and ignorant,making faces and whispering to each other when other candidates were speaking. Certainly not the conduct of intelligent adults or leaders that wish to be respected !

Condescending and juvenile is an ample evaluation of those two current members of the TC.

Change is certainly indicated and needed !!